Photo of the Week - From High Ground

Went up to the 20th floor of some building to take this. Enjoyed the view immensely!
I standing there, enjoying the peaceful sanctuary of the 20th level, and feeling exceeding envious because people living there never have to bitch and complain about the noisy traffic in the mornings/weekeds.... well, any time good for a nap, actually!

Speaking of heights, some people are terribly afraid of being on high ground. They tear, they shiver, their knees turn into jelly. Being SUPER afraid of some things I Will Not Mention, I totally empathise with them.

AND speaking of fears..... I, by a stroke of anything-but-luck, happened to be on the same train as #catwoman just now!! Was soooo looking forward to going home because I wore heels for the FIRST time in my life today and my feet were KILLING ME.

But joy oh joy.... saw her on the bus and my heart just sank. Ok, guess you're feeling lost now. Let me tell you a little more about #catwoman.

#catwoman is the lady who's been feeding cats at our void deck. Angry Cats. Who always plonk themselves right in the middle of the staircase landing. MEOWWWWA RRRRRGGGGG SNARLLLLLL. Oh and their piercing stares glares. They ALWAYS look ready to SPRING AND ATTACK! :(

Anyway, back to their link with the catwoman. EVERY TIME they see their beloved owner (as much as she can be called an owner, since she doesn't bring them home)... they LEAP down from whichever thing they're perched on and SPRINT towards her. And good luck to anyone who's in front of #catwoman. Stunned much.

So that day, I RAN FOR MY LIFE once we alighted. A damn big feat, if I say so myself :P Heels are SO NOT FUN. But it does "nicify" legs so I guess we girls gotta grin and bear it! Especially girls like me with thick calves BOOHOO :(

I was lucky coz #catwoman is older and kinda plump so I could stil move faster than her. Managed to DASH into the lift before the LEAP DOWN AND SPRINT/SPRING/ATTACK saga.
Today I feel invincible.


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