Monday, June 4, 2012

Just thought you needed to see my face

And also because I've got all post-exam meet-ups, won't be blogging so much, and I don't want you to forget me, do I? Anyway, these were taken on a boring Sunday evening. I had nothing better to do at home. Trololol.

Looking at this pic is like striking lottery. It will never happen again, but the feeling of getting a good shot was WHEEEEEE while it lasted.


Ok bye I made a video today but audio sucked so I'm gonna get a new mic! Goodnight!! And sorry about being a depressing person but I'm dreading tomorrow and next week, and I hope pray wish that everything will be alright, and that my life will be alright, wish me luck ok! :)


Anonymous said...

Damn... That is all.

ShuShu said...

Are you Kenneth? Haha.