There. I said it. I do a lot of weird stuff.
This must be why I get people opening/knocking on my door almost every night. Or early morning. Actually nowm it feels like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
Every Time I hear the click of a switch outside, I'll be like:
"Ohhh-Kayyyyy BRACEEEEE YOUSELF! someone gonna fling the door open, anytime, starting from now!"
Prepare to swivel my chair around and very chirpily say "OH HELLO!" oh-so-naturally."
There she goessss, there she goesss again!

Because I do a lot of weird stuff.
And since I don't have any 5 things to say this week, just let me spout random things off in my fit of frustration.

Maybe I do weird things like....

Watching Teletubbies on YouTube.
The same video, over and over again.

Dancing to Macarena
Wearing a pink fur coat and leopard print underwear. Because if that doesn't seem like something to call for worry, what else does?

Killing/Collection Beetles
And arranging them to form the word RIP. My friends and family know that I'm plagued by BEETLE apocalypse, and I get super frustrated. So perhaps they're thinking that one day I'll break and do something crazy about beetles.

Talking to my imaginary friend.
But then again, sometimes I really talk to myself or my reflection. Or to my camera.

To improve on my verbal/gesturing skills.
And this gets ESPECIALLY AWKWARD if someone BURSTS into my room and sees it.
Because everyone has a lot to say, and no one every understands why I'm doing this.

It's like how they never understood why I carry a notebook around with me all the time - I had to write down all the random things that came to me..... and look at where that got me! YOU. and YOU. AND YOU. And you are reading my blog!!! Thank you :)

I'm doing the video thing for a reason, obviously. But the door busters will never understand.

Here's a before&after photoshop pic to keep you entertained!!
Check out my eyebags! They're so huge and chock-full of fat-cells, they have superpowers!!!

Sorry for the many spelling mistakes! I'm typing in the dark, so that the door bursters think I'm asleep!! :)
Btw do you think my nose's looking a bit smaller these days :)


kendra30752 said…
You are so cute! :) I love your fun posts. :)
ShuShu said…
Thanks Kendra! :D

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