5 Silly Dares that I'll never have the guts to accept

1) Get into a cab and shout :"FOLLOW THAT CAR!"
Very, very dramatically with a theatrical expression. Just like in the movies. Mmm.

2) Walk down the train aisle, runway catwalk style.
And sit down with innocent nonchalance like nothing happened.
If there's ever enough space, that is. Early afternoon, maybe!

3) Go up to the barista at Starbucks and order "Kopi Gao, mai tng"
Imagine lah.

4) Announce 'Phew, that felt good!" loudly while exiting the bathroom cubicle.
Must have shiok expression. And then smile, maybe.

5) Walk indoors with my umbrella open.
Actually, I've done that before. By accident, of course. :(
Was too engrossed in my own thoughts, I didn't realise. And my new classmates (now one of my BFFs) walked up to me to tell me. Haha.

And I could do all these on video hahahaha.
But I always chicken out.
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CynnedCynner said…
I'll be glad to do this with you. Prolly with me and yehying, 2 siao cha bors, you'll be brave enough :)
ShuShu said…
I can dream only. People confirm give me WTF face. Haha. Not WTF at you because you're confident and charismatic and not Yehying because she is super pretty. haha.
Eeshie said…
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside ;)

So anyway, this list made me laugh. And you're super pretty and HILARIOUS! I think, in your honor, I'll do the "FOLLOW THAT CAR!" thing in a cab. Oh god, New York City cab drivers. You know what, maybe I'll reconsider doing this...:P

Awesome blog (:

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