5 Reasons To Hate #littlemissperfect

If you're a girl and you're reading this, there's a 99% chance that you know someone like this. The 1% are for the very priviledged littlemissperfects in the world.

Their perfect genes.
When I have to comb my hair and break a few combs in the process, slap on 1 million layers of makeup, eyeliner, and lipgloss to look relatively human-like, all #littlemissperfect has to do is wake up, brush her teeth, and get out of the house. Oh and they can eat all they like, show-off about it, and never, never gain a pound.

The supernatual abilities to never trip over anything, to land lightly whenever they walk/jumpm and the amazing power to not look like a fat freak (ie ME) in photos. Oh yes, and the ability to sneeze oh-so-daintily. The #littlemissperfects in the world have got like a trillion supernatural powers, really.

Their luck to never, never get a bad haircut/brow-trim go wrong in their entire time on Earth.

Everything goes their way. They are natually good at everything. Being beautifully pregnant mums, looking even better (if it's even possible) after giving birth, and.... well I could go on, and on, and on. Everybody loves the #littlemissperfects of the world AT FIRST SIGHT, and would do almost anything for them. Best thing is, they know it.

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kendra30752 said…
Love this post. I feel the same way sometimes, but those things that "little miss perfects" don't do--the things we not so perfects do--are what makes us so unique, fun and interesting! :) Little miss perfects are totally boring!
ShuShu said…
But so very pretty! :(

I like what you say about being unique though! Predictable is boring, and that's what they are!
Whereas the not-so-ridiculously-perfect people can keep others guessing :)

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