5 Reasons ... Delayed Post

Actually, I haven't really got a reason.Except that the intense heat this month (always happens around June) has been making me Little Miss Lethargic. I keep falling alsleep by accident very, very early. Which explains the delay in emails, blog, and stuff (although I am very active on Instagram haha).

I'm gonna publish the post by Tuesday! And here's a new outfit.
I was going home after visiting the hairdresser... and passed by Bugis Street, the haven for cheap clothes.
And picked out 2 outfits (with accessories, yes!).

Here's one of them! Took this pic in My Secret Passageway of Mirrors. haha.

And ignore the watch this time hahaa. I have just one watch I wear all the time- the one mummy bought for me. Matches with pretty much everything else except for the more girly clothes. Good watches are expensive hello.

Ok talk  soon! :)
Sleeping with the A/C on tonight!  
Oh and I bought lots of Pink and Hello Kitty stuff from DAISO (the $2 shop) on Thursday! Only stuff that I'd use, of course. Though I'd really love to buy cute stuff that are nice to look at :)
If I had the $$$$$$$.


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