Things that Make you Feel Good (That Really Shouldn't)

If you haven't noticed already, I've gotten enough inspiration to have a THEME this month! And this month's theme is.... How to Feel Good. So I hope (or.. maybe not) these make you feel nice.. happy... awesome, fabulous and everything nice!

1) Squeezing Blackheads.

And of course you don't wnat to admit it, but we all KNOW. There's this unexplainable satisfaction about having those annnoying monsters pop out just like that - and your spotless, spotless, nose.

2) Picking up coins from the floor

That someone else dropped. Even if it's just 50cents, it feels like TREASURE, especially if it's gleaming. But of course, YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T, because firstly well (for those with knotty knickers), legally, there's no such thing as Finders Keepers.  Secondly, one sad stranger just lost $$$. Though he/she must have ever chanced upon some other poor souls' lost coins. And let me tell you now you ALWAYS return valuable stuff, because what goes around comes around, and you would want someone to return your iPhone if you lost it, right? Okay Moral Lesson Ended.

3) Unglamorous shots of perfect-looking people
I say this with no remorse :)

4) When the vending machine gives you more than what you paid for.
Actually, that hasn't happened to me before, but from the stories I've heard, there is just something VERY thrilling about this.

5) Getting a seat on a crowded train during rush hour
This doesn't even need an explanation  XD

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