Photo of The Week : Exam Preparation

And everyone knows exams = lack of sleep.

I don't really like coffee (unless it's those from like Starbucks/Coffee Bean etc - but they're SO expensive), so Red Bull's the next best thing to get my caffeine fix! Don't know if it really works, but at least, psychologically, it does!

And with exams, of course, comes gluttony, and in my case, sugar rush. As you can see HERE. I've been eating a pack a day. So much for Healthy Lifestyle.

What do YOU do to keep awake? Good luck to me and y'all who're having exams! I know the RMIT and NTU peeps are done with exams, hope you did well! And when MY exams finish, it's PLAYTIMEEEE! Not really party time because I (very strangely) dislike partying. Oh what can I say, I like to deviate from the norm, having people gossip about me (if people bother to) makes me feel like kinda celebrity-ish!

Last Thursday's Photo: Childhood and Playgrounds
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Busola said…
I dont like parties too. I like classy dress-up champagne-ey get-togethers because I'm classy like that :P
My final week is over and i totally get you on the sugar rush thing, but i'm not the kind of person to stay up all night. I have to look beautiful to pass yo! Its a test of beauty for me :) Goodluck!

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