Photo of the Week - Choco Lava Cake and Temptations

Studying always makes me hungrier.

Ooh la laaaa. Have you ever seen anything oh-so-fine? Look at the oozing warm chocolate! And.. moist sponge AND crispy top? There's no other explanation. This is magic. Luscious luscious magic. Hocus Pocus Abracadabra POOSH

Speaking of temptations, I was on the bus yesterday and overheard two ladies talking about how a hooker accosted a man. And for the record, I don't have anything against hookers. Well not really, anyway.

Okay.. you know how they usually approach potential clients, right? That one hooker was really daring. She groped the guy's butt. When he shook his head (to his credit and my admiration) moved away (sorry about what I said about men being sluts
here) and groped his FRONT. I heard he was shocked and horrified and desperately looking around for help.

I'm wondering, if any man would ever file a sexual harrassment report against a woman. (And yes, it would be a valid complaint.)
What do YOU think, and why?


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