Photo of the Week - Childhood and Playgrounds

I'll  never figure out how we could amuse ourselves with this teeny weeny area the entire morning.

I don't see many screaming kids running kids running around the playground and having fun anymore. Now, they're all glued to their parents' smartphones and tablets. Even the toddlers. What, no good ol' hide and seek and Catch the Baddie and Tag? Even see-saws were fun! (ours used to be wooden planks). We'd try to go up and down as fast as possible, and sometimes event think of flinging our friend off with our 'superhuman strength', but that never did work.

And then we'd climb UP the slide instead of the conventional slide-down. Oh and the fitness stations. We could never really succeed at monkey bars and pull-up/sit-up stations until we the (very elite) senior kindergardeners. And I, aka Miss Klutzy, got giant, liiquid filled blisters from slipping from the bars. Damn you, friction. I never knew of your existence until I was like 9 years old and when we had to learn Science, but obviously you knew me when I was 5! Stalker!

Well guess this all points to me being an old fogeyyyyy. Even empty boxes with a 'door' amused us. The kids of the present are even more tech-savvy than I am!!

Where was YOUR favourite place to play in/at when you were a kid?

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