Photo of the Week - Apples

Apples, green and red. I took this photo a few years ago, and might have overdone the blur. Haha.

The point of this photo is... well this sums up what I've been feeling (and why I've been feeling like shit recently)

Is there something wrong about being different?
Or do some people just try too hard to force their own views on everyone else?  Everyone has something to say. Me, for example. I don't party. I wear glasses.I dislike travelling. I'm not attached. I don't wear sleeveless tops. And let me tell you now, there's a reason for everything. And if I told you my reasons, you'll be so very embarrassed and guilty you'd crawl into some hole (and hopefully dry up).

Which, in retrospect, doesn't seem all that bad.
But well what can I say, I like to be mysterious ;)

My point is, just because someone isn't a your clone, or a follower in today's society, it doesn't mean you should try to analyse, assume, jump to dumb conclusions. Because it only shows that you're narrow-minded with too much time on your hands.

And to the others... there is NO right wrong in how you live your life. Well as long as it's legal. Never, never let people dictate how you should live your life. Unless you want to be horribly dull all your life.

Taylor Swift was teased non-stop for singing country songs, and she didn't give up, did she? Look at where she is now, on top of the world.
That could be you if you.  :)

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