I NEED YOUR HELP! (Singapore Blog Awards 2012)

Hi there! So.. surprise surprise, I'm a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards : Best What-The-Hell-Blog! :)
If you're on this page, it probably means you already have an omy.sg account, so it would be really nice if you could spare a vote for me!

And if you DON'T have an omy account, it means that you're my friend. And if you're my friend, it won't hurt to spend 5 minutes (2 minutes if you're good)  helping me out! :) 

I'm estastic. It's silly, I know, I've been obsessing over this for a few weeks.
Simply because... I don't want to be the invisible one anymore. The one always in the background, the one no one ever notices. Even if I had green hair and Teletubbies painted all over my face.

So I figured, why not join this? It'll make me feel better about myself - though I can't explain why yet. It's an empowering experience hahaha. It also means that someone out there, someone choosing the finalists, ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEGES MY EXISTENCE.

For being the nice person you know you are, you could win these:

STEP 1: Click here:  http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2012/category/?cat=wth

STEP 2: Scroll right to the bottom, that's where my pic is. Click on 'Vote For Me"
STEP 3: This will pop up, and you can click on REGISTER.

STEP 4: This is the part which worries me because  I can imagine you all clicking on the dreaded red X! But think about it, you know all your particulars better than ABC,won't take you long to type!
You could really do this in less than 5 minutes, you know.
Challenge yourself to finish this in like, 2 minutes. haha. WARRIOR.

LAST STEP: Click on VOTE FOR ME again and change my life. LOLOLOL. BTW you can vote daily :)
You can help me 'like' too, if that's not asking for too much! *shy*

For those of ya all lazy to read.... I'll be doing up a video on Sunday, look out for it!
Have scheduled posts unrelated to the Awards this week!

On a side note.. though I won't be pushing this too much because I don't want this with my heart, mind and soul... You could help me win a Camera, and win the exact one for yourself in the process!  :)

STEP 2: Click the "Show Off" Tab 

Step 3: Like the page and join the contest

STEP 4: Click on 'Vote Now'

STEP 5: Look for my pic on the second page!



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