Have you ever called someone ugly?

Someone who's never done you harm and probably doesn't know of your existence?
Every time I hear a girl call some random stranger 'OMG EWWW SOOOO UGLYYY', I battle the urge to  say "you very pretty meh?'

There are only so many times I can listen to people insult someone's friend, child, parent without reason. "Ugly" is a really strong word and it's screwed up the lives of so many girls. I don't know why some people are so obsessed with putting others down, it's an unhealthy fixation and they should really seek help:)

Here's why I think some people are obsesessed with calling others ugly. Increase of level of disgust is directly proportionate to increase in age.

1) They are victims of insecurity
Insulting others makes them feel better about themselves. They need to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Somehow, they think it makes them less inferior. I don't know, could they be jealous of the other party's achievements?

2) They have nothing better to do
Being friendless, useless and bitter about life and everything, guess that happens! I mean, you need to have a LOT of time to focus your attention on random strangers, victimising them, and also scrutinise every millimeter of their bodies/features, right AND then look for an audience who would give a hoot. How Time Consuming.

3) They get off on insulting others
Oh the quest for pleasure That seems to be one of the only rational explanations - as sick as it sounds.

What do YOU think?

Anyway, before you call someone ugly... you might want to consider....
1) Karma
2) How would you feel if someone called you ugly for nothing?
3) Repurcussions
How many girs' lives get screwed up everyday because of self-esteem issues? Anorexia, self-inflicted injuries, depression, suicide.....
4) Your Image
Nobody wants to be friends with a spiteful bitch.


Anonymous said…
I feel like slapping them all the time

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