5 Ways to deal with slow-walking people

Oh slow walking people. They frustrate many so. I don't meant the elderly, physically handicapped, pregnant ladies, or people lugging heavy stuff, etc.I mean those who plod plod plod as if their feet weigh a trillion tons in crowded places during rush hour. Those inconsiderate people are completely OBLIVIOUS to their fellow human being's desperation to reach work/school on time.

Walking at an excruciatiing slow pace is ok, it's not illegal after all, but these people loveeee to walk right SMACK in the middle of the path. You can't even get around them. And in MY country, where every square centimetre of space is VERY VERY TREASURED, most paths are narrow and you can't squeezeeeee.

Slow walking people are usually too busy talking on the phone/flipping their hair/ bobbing their heads to some song that they can't hear your 'excuse me'. Or they'll walk in a ROW and yakyakyak like they'll never see each other again. Walking ina single file for a few minutes won't hurt, you know.

I don't know how it's possibly to walk THAT slowly during rush hour, but obviously some people do, so here're some suggestions on how to deal with them.

1) Sneeze. And Cough.
A lot. Maybe blow your nose, as a good measure.

2) Step on the back of their shoes

By accident of course. You don't want anyone to get hurt. Because you'll be EVEN later for work, and we don't want that to happen, do we :)
Otherwise, just continue walking, and bump into them. And maybe (or not) you should be holding on to some iced water :)

3) Shake your head disapprovingly
When you FINALLY get to overtake him/her. Throw in a theatrical expression. And I have done this before. A few years ago, childish I must say, but it did make me feel better.

4) Scream: COCKCROACH!!!!!
Or throw a fake cockroach/rat and make sure it lands right in front of them. THAT'll teach em! Or something scary. Most of the time, cockroach and spiders work best. It depends on which part of the world you live in, really.

5) Carry a bicycle bell with you, and ring it.
There was an experiment done, and people just moved aside automatically.

6) (Not Official) 'Drop' Your coins and make sure they roll forward.
Watch them scurry scurry scurry after the coins. Oh so they CAN move at non-glacial speeds!

7) (Also not Official) Make some weird animal sounds - preferably a really scary one.

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