5 Things that made you feel good in Primary School

I guess it only applies to people from my era, hahaha. FYI Primary School = 7 to 12 years old, for the non-Singaporeans. :) Those were the days! And we all laugh about out Mushroom Hair when we reminisce. Here's how I looked then- very dispropotionate, I know. Hahaha. And I lost both front teeth at the same time :P

1) Promotion from using pencils to pens
Because pencils are for the babies! Remember the excitement on the first day or school in Primary 3? We went to school, all 'grown-up, armed with new blue pens and correction tape. OH YES and the new cursive-writing skills which we bugged our parents or older siblings to teach us. Don't know why we used to think all grown-ups write in cursive - wonder if kids these days have the same misconception.

2) Getting a new pencilbox from for the new school term
The bigger, more colourful, and more decorations, compartments, springs (think Jack-In-The-Box), the better. How better to start off the new term than to show off? And now... I guess kids show off their new iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Ahhh the good ol' days - life was much simpler then, thank goodness.
Fancy, no? Built-in sharpeners, pop-up castles, some even had music!! From http://www.coolpencilcase.com/pencil_box_s/138.htm

3) Getting  STARS or GOOD WORK in red pen from your teacher

Because compliments were especially impactful when written in red in grown-up cursive :)
The more stars, the better. The more stars, the more ice-cream we get that weekend.

4) Successfully placing a wet handprint on the back of your friend's uniform

Because complete wet handprints are gigantic accomplishments :)
From Microsoft Powerpoint's Clipart. Will take a pic of a real print in a bit!

5) Winning at Hopscotch.
Or five stones. Pick-up Sticks. Skipping Rope Games. Chapteh. Catching.
THE prettiest hopscotch in the world ahaha. Because I played there almost every day 15 years ago. It was blue then, I think!

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UPDATE: Next week, I'll talk about what makes you feel good (but really shouldn't TSKTSK)


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