5 situations you hate to be caught in

Mostly trival, everyday matters. Haha.

1) Jumping Cab Meter
Jumping jumping jumping. And do you ever realise how fixated you get with those few numbers? You just stare and stare at them like you're observing some phenomenon. And when you reach toll stations (or whatever you call them, you know some spots wher eyou gotta pay extra cash), you go AWWWWW NOT AGAIN!

2) Elevator Stopping at EVERY SINGLE FLOOR
Especially when you are in a hurry! It takes eternity! And you stare at the display and think if you're better off taking the stairs. Actually, most of the time, you ARE better off taking the stairs. Because the lift will almost always be packed. And you gotta wait for the next one. And the next. And you'll manage to squeeze into one ONLY if you're lucky!

3) When the toilet's automatic sensor activates the flush before you're done.
Because that is just ewww.

4) Someone behind you gives a GIGANTIC SNEEZE
And you start to visualise droplets of saliva raining all over you. But you can't escape because the place is too crowded. Double eww. That chick/dude better have covered his or her mouth.

5) Cyclists ringing their bikes' bells nonstop
When you've already moved to the extreme side of the path. Hello.... it means I heard you! What do you want me to do? Walk on the road? Btw I cycle too. Haha. So you can't condemn my lack of empathy.

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