5 OMG Moments When...

1) Your bladder is full and you have difficulties undoing your belt/zip.
They say time and tide waits for no man... and hopefully.. that doesn't apply to scenarios like this.

2) It suddenly dawns on you that you hit the Snooze button for the millionth time

And you're suddenly wide awake, and miraculously spring out of bed in a mad rush to prepare for school/work. At the same time moaning and groaning about the awesome weather and how great it would be to sleep in.

3) Your ink pen rolls off the table
And that 5seconds seems to unfold in slow motion...your pen lands tip first on the ground... and... DIES.

4) You fall alseep while the (new) hairdresser cuts your fringe
And you open your eyes to the biggest nightmare (which he/he calls a revolutionary breakthrough and tries to convince you that you'll be That Famous Trendsetter of the Decade) Bet you'll never say "Anything la, I trust you!" until he/she gets to know you and your preferences better.

5) You realise you've a text to the wrong person.
And there's no way to stop the message from being sent. You frantically try to switch your phone off... jab the 'Back' button violently, or remove the battery as quickly as you can (and end up being slower than you usually are).
And let me tell you now that those don't work 99% of the time. Haha.

And the unofficial one... when you hear shutter sounds on public transport

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Busola said…
I've never thought of switching my phone off to prevent a message from being sent, in fact, i've sent so many messages I shouldn't have sent that it's more like a "I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm doing this" moment these days.
ShuShu said…
Oh gosh, and what as teh worst thing that hapepend to you when you sent a message you shouldn't have!

I just got a new phone and the case of sending a message to the wrong person is getting more and more frequent!


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