[Youtube] Get a different hair colour every day with... chalk!

The video's at the end of the post! Obviously it's temporary, you can have a different look everyday. IF you're diligent enough to wake up earlier, that is! 
A few years ago, I swore never to colour/highlight my hair again. See why here:

Patches of colour/top of the head black and bottom black. Disaster, disaster. I look like one of those people the producers want to get to do some makever Before & After thing hahaha.

 It didn't look that horrible  freshly dyed:

Frizzy Hair + Permanant Hair Straightening + Hair Colouring = Disaster.
Took me more than 3 years to get my hair back to normal. AND because I couldn't dye everything black because my hair would die - I had to go around with very dry half black.half brown hair. It got so bad I contemplated cutting my hair really short - or even shaving everything off! So yes. Never colouring my hair again! B
oring old black hair forever and ever and ever! Besides,  jet black ain't that bad!

I really wanna make this while post nicer with some pics, but I don't know much about copyright issues, so watch this video! She's a makeup artist, and a really engaging and lively one. 700+k views so you can be sure she's good!

Common concerns of hair colouring (aka Shu's Daily Complaints):
- What if the colour doesn't turn out the way I want it?
- I hate it when my hair grows out and the roots look ugly!

- It's gonna damage my hair oh-so-bad!
- Can't dye my hair all the time, same hair colour for a few months can get boring!
- Funky colours usually fade and look weird in a few weeks!

- Difficult to maintain

Why you should try this:

- Not damaging
- Seems rather easy
- Look different all the time
- Cheap cheap cheap
- It's temporary! Now you can look cool on weekends, and normal during work/school!

All you need to do!!!!!
1) take a piece of chalk
2) run it through a ...erm.. clump of hair! (dry or damp is fine)
*Wear a shirt you don't mind getting dirty, or drape a towel across!

But.... What if it rains and I'm wearing a white shirt? Haha. I don't know coz I haven't tried!
So... wanna try rainbow-streaked hair? :D

More tips here: http://www.kandeej.com/2012/02/hair-color-how-to-hair-chalking.html

And in case you're interested... this is how I sound. haha.



Maine said…
where can i get the chalk?
Anonymous said…
Hi is it just washing the hair and it would come off?And i rebonded my hair but my hair last time was already straight so can i use a hair chalk?
ShuShu said…
Hi Maine! You should be able to get them at arts & crafts stores :)
And sorry I didn't see your comment until now :(

Hi Anon, yup they say it washes off easily, that's why is so safely temporary! :)
Be sure to wear a shirt you don't mind getting dirty on your first try though!
Anonymous said…
Happened to come across this post cause I was googling about hair chalking.

thanks for linking that awesome video!

anyway i recently bought my hair chalk from http://shop.openflea.com/

nice and cheap!
brenda said…
Do you know where I can find it in singapore? I'm indonesian and I'm going there next week, I really want this, I don't know the places too lol, could you just tell me the "shop's name" and where its located? Thanks!
ShuShu said…
Hi Brenda,

Sorry for teh late reply, though I think you'd be back in Indonedia by now :(

You can buy it from Art Friend or Daiso. Chalk from Art Friend's mroe expensive, but then you pay for the quality. There're many brances so you can google and see which location's the most convenient for you! :)

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