Video of The Month - Deaf Violinst who Defeated All Odds

I recommend that you watch this in full screen. Watched this in class and we there was total silence (well except the music from the speakers) for the entire 4 minutes.

In a nutshell: Girl has a dream - to play the violin. Girl gets bullied. Audience finds out girl is deaf. Girl visits her only friend, a deaf busker. Dramatic and heartrending story, which WILL get your attention. He gives her his precious violin, and she practices day and night (and yes, the music is beautiful, super DRAMATIC.).

The rich brat practices piano in her big house and continues to torture the deaf girl. Still, the deaf girl doesn't give up, even when some chao ah bengs smash her violin.

She appears at the competition with clingwrapped violin....thinks of her sick friend she just visited in the office... starts to play..... wows the audience, renders the brat speechless, and at the very end... that's what you need to find out for yourself, I don't want to spoil your fun and your PRICELESS expression when you see it! ;P

Oh, the power of innovative advertising. Unlike regular videos, it got you to watch till the end, didn't it? Sometimes it just pays to go against the grain. Even in our daily lives.

Next Week:
Watch how someone managed to fool an entire mall of shoppers and even security into thinking belieivng that he's a famous celebrity. :

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