Top 5 Illogical Fears

Especially when they go mmmm.... ahhhhhhh.... oooooooo.  aiiyaaaa.
And an image of myself with black or worse, no teeth (at MY AGE) pops into my mind.

Hmmmm ohhhhh ahhhhh.

Birds' droppings
I mean, do you realise how hard it is to get it out of your hair? And yes, I've gotten it once. Unfortunately. #whydoesn't$$$fallfromthesky

Violent wing flapping - Pigeons
You know how Pigeons are like girls who gather in large groups all the time?
Yes, of course you do. Just add loud, violent flapping. PIACKPIACKPIACK.Photography wise, I have yet to get the courage to go near a whole group of them - they've no qulams flying at eye level at CLOSE DISTANCE.
And I cringe at the thought of them flying smack into my face.

Butt-crack sweat on train seats.
I mean, why is there a LINE or wet stuff on the seat?
And yeah I know I'm being a bitch about this that's why I said ILLOGICAL fears. :)

Sharing a lift with a stranger
Because I'm a paranoid TV addict who watches too much CSI and Criminal Minds, where the most harmless-looking people could actually be psychotic serial killers.

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