Sushi, Hello Kitty, and the Wonders of Technology

 Posting this photo first because I only get (somewhat) nice-looking photos once in a blue moon! Let me bask in my own "normalness" for a while, okay? AND I LOVE HELLO KITTY (and yes I can hear you muttering about the cat with no mouth!)! Trololol.
I forgot why Cheri couldn't make it that day, but it's HER LOSS :P
Cheri you miss us right!  

 SEEEE SO HI-TECH!! Ordering is done though iPad!!! Shy people like me can worry less about having to talk to the waiter/waitresses and having to maintain eye contact. Or when I talk too softly and they can't hear me. Oops the secret is out. Haha. This is why I always pester/plead/beg my friends to help me with my order. =X Sorry la.

Another plus for efficiency. They send your food to you in the bullet-train thingy!! How adorable!! Then you press the yellow button to send the bullet-train somewhere else. Haha. Best for anti-social like me trololol. I'm so anti-social that's why some people think I have no friends and no life. Perhaps I photoshopped my face into these photos so I would't seem so #foreveralone! Now THAT would explain my 86 photo albums on Facebook! You need me to post a pic of someone gaining enlightenment? I'll throw in bright lights and all the works!

As you can see, I already started eating, but Little Miss Slowpoke's still choosing. Haha. TSK. So indecisive! *shakes head*

Special Green Tea! One Spatula is enough. hahahaa. Don't assume you need to put the same amount like tea leaves in tea bags!!! And that hand isn't Posic's hand. That's a photo I took last year or something!

I'm a greedy girl. Haha. Explains my size. But life is short!Forget whose lives revolve around
their and (especially) other's weight and appearances, you only live once!

And... what is a meet-up (even with one missing) without a camwhore session? XD
We made funny expressions but unfortunately the photos turned out.... Okay lets just say even the same old boring smiles are better.

And thank GOODNESS we didn't have to sit here. I swear, I could set a record for being the clumsiest person in the world galaxy. I wonder if there're people who teach stuff like "How to be NOT clumsy'. I'll sign up RIGHT AWAY. And super-pretty people are naturally UN-clumsy. They land lightly when they jump. They get out of cars looking like angels. They.. everything nice lah. Justice DOES NOT EXIST BOOHOO.

Anyway, I had a dream last night about a bomb in the train - MY CABIN. Scary! And as much as I hate living in my grossly hideous and very friendless body, now I know I don't want to die. Not even of a quick death. Because I was the first to rush out of the train when the doors opened (very noisily clumsily, of course) ahahahahaha.  Kiasu Kiasi. ;P

ShuShu and her imaginary friends!!


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