Photo of The Week - The Route to Work

I love  walking past this building on the way to and from work.
It's so pretty! And there's a cafe inside, so I get catch at least a few whiffs of aromatic coffee every time I pass by. Teehee.

And on good days, the yellow leaves (you see on the ground) fall like autumn is here.
Though we don't have the four seasons here.

So by know you should know, I try to write a bit about what's happening in my life along with my weekly photos. I've decided not to post photos of meet-ups because it takes a loooooooong time to upload those photos, and I guess only the people involved are interested to view them. Just you know, to check if I upload ugly photos. Haha.

I've been bugging some of my lovelies to work in the Central Business District area coz I work there, it's just fun to have a friend work nearby. Somehow. Po worked there for a few months during her school vacation, and we had fun exploring the place after work.

And now... one of my fellow gossip queens got a permanent job really really close to my workplace! It's easier to meet up for lunch and after work. JUST LIKE ON TELEVISION. Though we don't usually get to meet for lunch - the crowd is so crazy there usually no available seats. But it's still fun ordering takeaways together! (And taking photos while waiting for our food, of course :P Like like the good ol' days in school. #nostalgia)

Oh and I just went for eyebrow and upper lip threading. I feel like a girl again.

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