Photo of the Week - The Hunger Pangs

Since everyone's been raving about The Hunger Games, which I had no time to watch #sosad

Does this look like a dessert buffet? You know what?


This is just a mini mini mini corner of an international buffet. Soooo can you imagine how much I ate that day :P

Speaking of junk food, I've been having a lot on my plate lately, be it at work or in school. Which = resorting to happy food. Or you might call it comfort food. Bubble tea, chips, chocolate, ESPECIALLY MALTESERS. You name it, I've thought of pigging out on it.

And Daddy's so cute. He keeps reminding my sis and I:
"Hey I bought kitkats. They're in the fridge. Did you see them?"
"There're potato chips in the cupboard, mummy bought a lot."
"Oh I bought ice-cream, remember to eat!!!!!! SEE FREEZER."

And I'm not the skinny kinda girl, if you know what I mean.
Not athletic as well!!
So if anyone wants to be a sponsor for liposuction, please let me know hahaha. 


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