Friday Girls' Night Out with 3/4 of the Y1S1 Clique!

Met up with my lovely girls last week!  Lydia and Flora couldn't make it, bummer, but we've got a lot a lot a lot of time to meet up next time!

I met Haira first because April (for the first time in her life, i think)  was late. Wanted to make her jealous so I told Haira we had to make many many photos. But hahaha I can only post a few #thepainofbeingunphotogenic.

Okay lah okay lah don't disturb April liao. Here's a pretty pic of you ok? I'm sure you'll have something bad to say about yourself though!! hahaha. I know you too will.

April with Haira. Haira's so small and cute!

Haira and I

A real Group pic with my thick, thick hair! I think if I ever sell my hair to some hair extensions supplier, there'll be enough hair for 3 people!!

Sososososo hungry trololol but still super indecisive about what to order. Stay tuned for April and Shushu's AUNTIENESS!

Anyway I better show you the pics of the food first or you'll say AIYAH SO BORING. WHO WANNA LISTEN TO HOW YOU WANT CHEAPCHEAP!!
First they forgot the soup then they gave us root beer instead of Pepsi. Bleah. But good food + friendly staff = nevermind

Wardha finally reached!!
First thing when we saw each other.. April and I said : EH DID YOU KNOW THAT XXXXXXX IS ATTACHED NOW? OMGOMGOMG!!! HAHAHAHA.

Haira and Wardha: HUH REALLY? OMG I DIDN'T SEE!!! *whip phone out*

Wardha had the honour of sitting beside me. haha. Or rather, misfortune, coz I look bad in most photos and have to take again and again and again! hahah SORRY :P

Our food!!

And the other guy's food seemed much better! He had steak on hotplate and a hugeeee plate of Oriental Fried Chicken! April and I kept bio-ing his food hahahaha.
See the kind behind me. And the bliss.

 April added this pic to HIGHLIGHT HIS ENJOYMENT AT HIS AWESOME FOOD #jealous
Okay now for the Auntie Part. So there isn't student price or 1-for-1 anymore. The promo now is buy 2 get 1 free instead. And April and I, the greedy girls we were, decided to buy 2 and get the free one.

Like the other time we ordered Jumbo Sets at Fish & Co. and gehkiang - orderd BIG DESSERT too. We couldn't even finish the fish HAHAHA.

 Each dish comes with a side. So we strategised what sides to choose for our sets and the shared one so that we wouldn't get shortchanged.

Like: EHHHH The sides for our FREE SET cannot be fries leh. Later they put less how??
So we should choose coleslaw right? They put in individual bowls so cannot giam!!!

Anyway, we shared with Haira in the end (if you noticed the chicken and omelette). Hahaha.

Forever acting cute. hahahaha. But well I only have a few years left to do this. Imagine me doing this when I'm 25!

We wanted to take photos here but these 3 guys just woulnd't go away!!! Selfish!!! :P Hahaha. Gave up in the end and headed to Aquanova.

We went to Stick to buy sweets. Forgot to take photos. But the staff gave us some sweets to try. So nice!!!! Strawberry and Grape, my favourite flavours!!

I bought a tiny lollipop to take photos with. hahaha.

On the way to Aquanova. Wanted to take a sneaky pic of Haira and Wardha and failed - obviously! 
1) I was caught
2) I focused on my own hair.

We sat with the live band's back facing us. And not the sofa seat too! But the band was good.
Watch this video - they're singing Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.
And paiseh. I know the way I said "VIDEO" is uper unglamorous. Haha.

Btw Wardha and Haira were drinking Coke with Lemon. In case you're wondering.

I am SUPER proud of this photo. I think it's a very good shot!!! Considering that most of my friends hate to have me help them take photos because according to them, I suck!!! :(
So mean right. #somefriends. hahaha.

But then again, this one really CMI. haha.

No 3G connection but they had their WiFi Password ready in case customers asked!

And here's a pic of all of us 3 or 4 years ago. haha. How time flies. And we ALL had blogs. And spent our time reading and commenting on each other tagboards. And blogging about mean people. And using pseudo names to scold silly haters with nothing better to do who kept commenting 'REPUBLIC POLY SUCKS" on my old blog. HAHA. Those were the days!


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