Brunch at Wild Honey!

I'm in love I'm in love I'm in lurveeeeee with these amazing breakfast sets from Wild Honey!!! Somewhat pricey, yes, but they're so super dto die for! My mission this year is to try EVERY dish they have, hahaha. Even though I'm The Serial Egg- Hater, and almost all of the dishes have eggs as a side. Haha. Scrambled, sunny side up, Benedict, you name it and MORE!
Chefs get more and more creative. Maybe we'll have like Egg Volcano someday. But then again., maybe not. cholesterol, cholesterol.

 Imagine breakfast on a quiet weekend, with a view of the usually bustling city area, which would no doubt be packed like @#^&* in a few hours time! These are the bar seats btw. 5th pic gives you a better idea  :)

Oh the eggs nice, round, smooth and perfect! If only I had skin like that hahahaha.
I usually hate eggs but this is super nice! I've always thought that eggs smell like shit (literally and otherwise) but this was good. Still didn't take the yolk though! #cowardmuch

This is mine, obviously. No eggs. And BACON BACON BACON - my ultimate weakness. THE SMELL WAS LIKE POWWWW. And jam. And maple syrup! OMGOMG!


All the rich people =X Short queue, but trust me, this place is popular! We had to wait 20 minutes to get a seat. But we got to shop around coz they took down our phone numers :D  Super hungry! Was so glad when they called to let know they had available seats!
And those ladies at the counter were looking at the menu - AN IPAD.

I REFUSED to take photos of myself that day because my hair looked like
!@#$%^. But here're some photos I took after I bought some really impractical stuff, as you will  see..... and I'll tell you why at the end!

SPOT THE HELLO KITTY CLOCK. And pink walls. And pink bedsheets. And stool. And chair cover. Haha.
It's NEVER winter, and NEVER Autumn in Singapore. Always sunny, occasionally rainy. And the middle of the year's the warmest 'season' of the year trolololol. But I think I can get away with just the hat. I could like... conduct a social experiment for a day, and count how many people stare at me, right? :D

*sheepish smile* Actually, I tried it yesterday. Just the cap. And I don't know exactly how many stared at me or gave me WTF expressions because I was too much of a scardey-cat to look up. And besides, there was a girl with long neon green hair with purple streaks on the train, in the same cabin!

You know what? I hate to admit this, but my very very thick hair makes me hot and bothered all the time. And here I am, trying to act cute with a pink cap and pullover. Which I bought at Forever 21 at just SGD10 btw. It was on SALE. I always manage to chance upon sales. Haha. Lucky me. Just not enough to strike lottery and be set for life :P

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I slept throughout the night, 10 whole hours!! :O only had 5plus hours quite a while, feel super energised now!
What are you gonna do this weekend? Or if you read this later, what did you do?

And some men are such sluts. Or man-sluts. Whatever. Filthy rich but cheap at the same time. But Karma's a bitch most of the time so don't get too smug! And just in case you didn't realise,  whoever created humans meant for us to think with our brains and not some other parts.
Just a little trivia :)



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