5 Things that make me feel good

Sorry there's something wrong with the alignment and I can't seem to put it right! I did this post a loooong time ago. Wrote down everything I did when i was bored outta my mind and these are what I came up with! There's a question for you at the end of this post! Anyway, you should really give these a try because they'll hardly cost you any $$$ ;)

1) Popping Bubble Wrap
There's just something very satisfactory about hearing 'pop pop pop'.
Which is why I NEVER throw bubble wrap away after buying some fragile thing.

2) Finding $$$$ in some corner of my room
From the times I just chucked my coins and small notes anywhere I could reach. Only times like this I can prase myself for being messy and disorganised. #ifoundtreasure :)

3) Exclaiming "OMG MY ICE CREAM!!!" someone walking in front of me stops ABRUPTLY causing me to bump into him/her.
Their expressions. Classic.
Narrow Path + Standard Speed + Sudden Halt = Domino Effect = Chaos

They either stop or make about-turns without any warning!!

4) Peeling film off a brand new gadget/appliance.
I haven't got any new tech appliance, so this will have to do. haha. It's like how some people get satistisfaction from picking at their scabs, I guess! :) 

5) When my friends like/comment on my statuses and photos
Because I an an attention-seeker like that.

How about YOU? :)

What makes you feel good? I mean besides the normal stuff like eating, drinking and sleeping etc.

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Busola said…
lol, I love all those things as well!! You didn't add taking the first bite of a very very tasty meal or getting the last item on a sale oooooh, and my personal favourite: getting your forever21 items in the mail :) LOVE


i dont bite...often HAha
ishashime said…
i love everything you mentioned, too! i'm pretty easy to please so almost anything makes me feel good! haha.
ShuShu said…
Hi Busola,

I LOVE FOREVER 21 TOO!! hahaha. Am gonna check out your blog! :P

you're always so happy, so yessss I do believe that almost anythign makes you feelgood! haha

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