5 Things That Baffle Me

Today's Top 5 musings are about things that baffle me. Things that you've probably never thought about, but now that I've mentioned it, they'll make you wonder. Here goes!
I never really understood:

1) Babies and their fascination with peek-a-boo
Their eyes just light up, and they open their mouths wide and LAUGHHHH in their adorable squeaky voices. ALL of them
Like this:

And now I'm laughing too.

2) Why most guys don't carry bags.
I mean, my bag is UBER heavy when I go out. And okay, I'll admit, I carry unneccessary stuff like camera, breath mints and makeup.

But... how can guys survive without:

1) Water bottle
2) Umbrella
3) Tissue Paper
4) Keys
5) iPod

Or perhaps, how do they manage to squeeze Number 3-4, ALONG with their phones and wallets in their pockets? Jeans are pretty fitting nowadays you know.

My Bag, after trying my best to leave out the unneccessary stuff =/

3) Why people speak to kids in raised octaves.
People, including me. XD
I mean, is there a rule or scientific fact or something that we HAVE to speak to kids in high voices?

Watch from 50secs if you wanna know what voice I mean. But you should reallyw atch the whole thing- there's a cute sneeze at the start!


4) Why we have to learn about atoms and molecues
When most of us would NEVER, NEVER have any use for that knowledge as grown-ups.
Oh the sweat, blood, and tears we shed for those dratted tests and exams!

5) Why shit and farts stink sometimes.
Sorry hahaha I'm being very gross.
But really, haven't you ever wondered about it? I mean, food looks, smells and tastes soooooo good when it goes into your mouth.
Why does they have to be so awful when excreted?

Guess this is all.
I'm gonna be posting about Top 5 _________ weekly. Stay tuned!
All the links will be posted here for easy browsing :)


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