5 Excruciating Instances when 5secs feel like a decade

And you know how I always try to think differently.
I don't mean the usual suspects like waiting for your exam results, queueing for sales/food/public transport. Or waiting for the needle on the weighing scale to stop, and being stuck behind slow-walking people. Though those are the most evil evil evil evil situations to ever be caught in.

1) When someone wants to tell you something but..erm.. taaalksss..like... eh.. thaaa.... that.......
And it is downright irritating because the suspense KILLS. I don't mean people who stutter or stammer - most of us do that when we're nervous.  But when you pause and trail off like that.. sometimes you make people panic. People to WATCH suspense movies, and not LIVE them. ;)

2) When you're waiting for the lift and it stops at EVERY storey
Even at the 2nd storey!
Or when you're in the lieft and you wanna fart. Especially when there's only one other person in the lift. I mean, you know, there won't be anyone you can narrow your eyes and glare accusingly at. Heh.

3) When you're bidding on Ebay and your internet connection goes down.
Simply because bidding ends in 1 minute and you need to STAND BY to get the bag of your dreams!

4) When you're just gonna finish typing a Word Document/Powepoint and your computer hangs without warning
And your life depends on that 2000 word essay....
While restarting your computer (OH THE AGONY!!) you pray and hope that Auto-recover DID occur. And you swear to save your work at regular intervals, but the time time round, this painful cycle starts again.

5) When you are playing Draw Something and your friend takes forever to Draw Something
And all you see is:  "XXXX is Drawing Something".
After 5 seconds (which seemed like a century).. XXX is Drawing Something.
And so on.
And on.
And peer into the mirror for signs of aging.

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Anonymous said…
Number 4... I get chills just thinking about the several instances it has happened to me, the horror of it is that auto-save NEVER works when you need it to. It saves the most random, nonsensical, unimportant pieces of garbage. I've had it save just single words, as in when I need to spell a word that I normally can't and auto-correct on my phone and Google aren't good enough.
ShuShu said…
Yes!!! Total nghtmare!!
now I save my work every 5 minutes, hahhaa :P

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