5 Embarrassing Things You Might Have Done (P1)

Actually the first embarrassing thing that happened was that I made an error by typing "Embarrasing" woth just ONE "S". haha.
I named it Part 1 because I could probably write a book about my embarassing moments. A trilogy maybe. Perhaps series. Or a TV show that lasts a long as Days of Our Lives.Just cos I'm digging out old horror stories. Okay, okay. Not so old. 2 of  them just happened an hour ago. *sheepish smile*

I'm just hoping that someone's gonna go : "yeah I've had some of this shit happen to me'.
Make a girl feel better? :) haha

1) Checking your hair/face in front of a two-way mirror/window
You know how some windows look like mirrors from the outside? And people INSIDE the room can actually see everything clearly from where they are?
Did you ever peer INTO your reflection, adjust your hair/makeup and sometimes giving satisfied smiles =X

2) Singing obnoxiously in the washroom when you thought you were alone
Key word: THOUGHT.

3) Fall asleep in class. And waking up with a start and blurting something random 
Obviously, I wasn't supposed to be asleep - my friend had to kick my chair to wake me up. Yes Pancakes. I said that. Wtf, right? I was having a dream about some party and we were planning what to bring. And I don't know why PANCAKES came up. Haha.

4)  Trip over nothing in particular
Or maybe trip over your own feet. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. Why are some people (especially the good-looking ones) born graceful? What, is there some special formula or something? *whine*  I don't wannaaaaaa be klutzy my whole life!

5) Answering a question when it was actually directed at the person beside/behind you.
This is by far one of the worse I think. Especially if you've never felt at ease with the other parties.

Sooooo.. you guys wanna share? :)

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