Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Embarrassing Things You Might Have Done (P1)

Actually the first embarrassing thing that happened was that I made an error by typing "Embarrasing" woth just ONE "S". haha.
I named it Part 1 because I could probably write a book about my embarassing moments. A trilogy maybe. Perhaps series. Or a TV show that lasts a long as Days of Our Lives.Just cos I'm digging out old horror stories. Okay, okay. Not so old. 2 of  them just happened an hour ago. *sheepish smile*

I'm just hoping that someone's gonna go : "yeah I've had some of this shit happen to me'.
Make a girl feel better? :) haha

1) Checking your hair/face in front of a two-way mirror/window
You know how some windows look like mirrors from the outside? And people INSIDE the room can actually see everything clearly from where they are?
Did you ever peer INTO your reflection, adjust your hair/makeup and sometimes giving satisfied smiles =X

2) Singing obnoxiously in the washroom when you thought you were alone
Key word: THOUGHT.

3) Fall asleep in class. And waking up with a start and blurting something random 
Obviously, I wasn't supposed to be asleep - my friend had to kick my chair to wake me up. Yes Pancakes. I said that. Wtf, right? I was having a dream about some party and we were planning what to bring. And I don't know why PANCAKES came up. Haha.

4)  Trip over nothing in particular
Or maybe trip over your own feet. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. Why are some people (especially the good-looking ones) born graceful? What, is there some special formula or something? *whine*  I don't wannaaaaaa be klutzy my whole life!

5) Answering a question when it was actually directed at the person beside/behind you.
This is by far one of the worse I think. Especially if you've never felt at ease with the other parties.

Sooooo.. you guys wanna share? :)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

[Youtube] Get a different hair colour every day with... chalk!

The video's at the end of the post! Obviously it's temporary, you can have a different look everyday. IF you're diligent enough to wake up earlier, that is! 
A few years ago, I swore never to colour/highlight my hair again. See why here:

Patches of colour/top of the head black and bottom black. Disaster, disaster. I look like one of those people the producers want to get to do some makever Before & After thing hahaha.

 It didn't look that horrible  freshly dyed:

Frizzy Hair + Permanant Hair Straightening + Hair Colouring = Disaster.
Took me more than 3 years to get my hair back to normal. AND because I couldn't dye everything black because my hair would die - I had to go around with very dry half black.half brown hair. It got so bad I contemplated cutting my hair really short - or even shaving everything off! So yes. Never colouring my hair again! B
oring old black hair forever and ever and ever! Besides,  jet black ain't that bad!

I really wanna make this while post nicer with some pics, but I don't know much about copyright issues, so watch this video! She's a makeup artist, and a really engaging and lively one. 700+k views so you can be sure she's good!

Common concerns of hair colouring (aka Shu's Daily Complaints):
- What if the colour doesn't turn out the way I want it?
- I hate it when my hair grows out and the roots look ugly!

- It's gonna damage my hair oh-so-bad!
- Can't dye my hair all the time, same hair colour for a few months can get boring!
- Funky colours usually fade and look weird in a few weeks!

- Difficult to maintain

Why you should try this:

- Not damaging
- Seems rather easy
- Look different all the time
- Cheap cheap cheap
- It's temporary! Now you can look cool on weekends, and normal during work/school!

All you need to do!!!!!
1) take a piece of chalk
2) run it through a ...erm.. clump of hair! (dry or damp is fine)
*Wear a shirt you don't mind getting dirty, or drape a towel across!

But.... What if it rains and I'm wearing a white shirt? Haha. I don't know coz I haven't tried!
So... wanna try rainbow-streaked hair? :D

More tips here:

And in case you're interested... this is how I sound. haha.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo of The Week - The Route to Work

I love  walking past this building on the way to and from work.
It's so pretty! And there's a cafe inside, so I get catch at least a few whiffs of aromatic coffee every time I pass by. Teehee.

And on good days, the yellow leaves (you see on the ground) fall like autumn is here.
Though we don't have the four seasons here.

So by know you should know, I try to write a bit about what's happening in my life along with my weekly photos. I've decided not to post photos of meet-ups because it takes a loooooooong time to upload those photos, and I guess only the people involved are interested to view them. Just you know, to check if I upload ugly photos. Haha.

I've been bugging some of my lovelies to work in the Central Business District area coz I work there, it's just fun to have a friend work nearby. Somehow. Po worked there for a few months during her school vacation, and we had fun exploring the place after work.

And now... one of my fellow gossip queens got a permanent job really really close to my workplace! It's easier to meet up for lunch and after work. JUST LIKE ON TELEVISION. Though we don't usually get to meet for lunch - the crowd is so crazy there usually no available seats. But it's still fun ordering takeaways together! (And taking photos while waiting for our food, of course :P Like like the good ol' days in school. #nostalgia)

Oh and I just went for eyebrow and upper lip threading. I feel like a girl again.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brunch at Wild Honey!

I'm in love I'm in love I'm in lurveeeeee with these amazing breakfast sets from Wild Honey!!! Somewhat pricey, yes, but they're so super dto die for! My mission this year is to try EVERY dish they have, hahaha. Even though I'm The Serial Egg- Hater, and almost all of the dishes have eggs as a side. Haha. Scrambled, sunny side up, Benedict, you name it and MORE!
Chefs get more and more creative. Maybe we'll have like Egg Volcano someday. But then again., maybe not. cholesterol, cholesterol.

 Imagine breakfast on a quiet weekend, with a view of the usually bustling city area, which would no doubt be packed like @#^&* in a few hours time! These are the bar seats btw. 5th pic gives you a better idea  :)

Oh the eggs nice, round, smooth and perfect! If only I had skin like that hahahaha.
I usually hate eggs but this is super nice! I've always thought that eggs smell like shit (literally and otherwise) but this was good. Still didn't take the yolk though! #cowardmuch

This is mine, obviously. No eggs. And BACON BACON BACON - my ultimate weakness. THE SMELL WAS LIKE POWWWW. And jam. And maple syrup! OMGOMG!


All the rich people =X Short queue, but trust me, this place is popular! We had to wait 20 minutes to get a seat. But we got to shop around coz they took down our phone numers :D  Super hungry! Was so glad when they called to let know they had available seats!
And those ladies at the counter were looking at the menu - AN IPAD.

I REFUSED to take photos of myself that day because my hair looked like
!@#$%^. But here're some photos I took after I bought some really impractical stuff, as you will  see..... and I'll tell you why at the end!

SPOT THE HELLO KITTY CLOCK. And pink walls. And pink bedsheets. And stool. And chair cover. Haha.
It's NEVER winter, and NEVER Autumn in Singapore. Always sunny, occasionally rainy. And the middle of the year's the warmest 'season' of the year trolololol. But I think I can get away with just the hat. I could like... conduct a social experiment for a day, and count how many people stare at me, right? :D

*sheepish smile* Actually, I tried it yesterday. Just the cap. And I don't know exactly how many stared at me or gave me WTF expressions because I was too much of a scardey-cat to look up. And besides, there was a girl with long neon green hair with purple streaks on the train, in the same cabin!

You know what? I hate to admit this, but my very very thick hair makes me hot and bothered all the time. And here I am, trying to act cute with a pink cap and pullover. Which I bought at Forever 21 at just SGD10 btw. It was on SALE. I always manage to chance upon sales. Haha. Lucky me. Just not enough to strike lottery and be set for life :P

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I slept throughout the night, 10 whole hours!! :O only had 5plus hours quite a while, feel super energised now!
What are you gonna do this weekend? Or if you read this later, what did you do?

And some men are such sluts. Or man-sluts. Whatever. Filthy rich but cheap at the same time. But Karma's a bitch most of the time so don't get too smug! And just in case you didn't realise,  whoever created humans meant for us to think with our brains and not some other parts.
Just a little trivia :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Things that make me feel good

Sorry there's something wrong with the alignment and I can't seem to put it right! I did this post a loooong time ago. Wrote down everything I did when i was bored outta my mind and these are what I came up with! There's a question for you at the end of this post! Anyway, you should really give these a try because they'll hardly cost you any $$$ ;)

1) Popping Bubble Wrap
There's just something very satisfactory about hearing 'pop pop pop'.
Which is why I NEVER throw bubble wrap away after buying some fragile thing.

2) Finding $$$$ in some corner of my room
From the times I just chucked my coins and small notes anywhere I could reach. Only times like this I can prase myself for being messy and disorganised. #ifoundtreasure :)

3) Exclaiming "OMG MY ICE CREAM!!!" someone walking in front of me stops ABRUPTLY causing me to bump into him/her.
Their expressions. Classic.
Narrow Path + Standard Speed + Sudden Halt = Domino Effect = Chaos

They either stop or make about-turns without any warning!!

4) Peeling film off a brand new gadget/appliance.
I haven't got any new tech appliance, so this will have to do. haha. It's like how some people get satistisfaction from picking at their scabs, I guess! :) 

5) When my friends like/comment on my statuses and photos
Because I an an attention-seeker like that.

How about YOU? :)

What makes you feel good? I mean besides the normal stuff like eating, drinking and sleeping etc.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo of the Week - Wilted but still Still Standing Tall

If you've seen this photo before, thank you! It means that you've been reading my blog for a loooong time. I don't know if I took this by accident, but I love it all the same.
I think a lot of us can learn from this flower.

Anyway, something rather amusing happened today. I was walking along the corridor downstairs, and suddenly I heard someone from the cafe shouting:


And she sounded really worked up, so I made a little detour, you know, in case things got too heated up and they came to blows or something. *no actually I just wanted to watch real-life drama unfold HAHAHA)

The lady who owns the shop has the tendency to berate customers (especially the young  timid ones) over nothing in particular.  And she's really proud of that amazing talent- she loves to show off to any one who would listen.

We young timid mouses no choice but to let her bark at us since that's the only cafe in the block. haha. But timid people do explode, and when they do, it's deadly. :)

Anyway, you may be glad to know that a fight was not on the lady's intinery that day.
She was simply recounting one of her bold, heroic, dramatic life stories again.She was a tad too into her tirade, in my opinion!
But then again, her little trials and tribulations make my occcasional #rushassignmentduringlunch more colourful!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Excruciating Instances when 5secs feel like a decade

And you know how I always try to think differently.
I don't mean the usual suspects like waiting for your exam results, queueing for sales/food/public transport. Or waiting for the needle on the weighing scale to stop, and being stuck behind slow-walking people. Though those are the most evil evil evil evil situations to ever be caught in.

1) When someone wants to tell you something but..erm.. eh.. thaaa.... that.......
And it is downright irritating because the suspense KILLS. I don't mean people who stutter or stammer - most of us do that when we're nervous.  But when you pause and trail off like that.. sometimes you make people panic. People to WATCH suspense movies, and not LIVE them. ;)

2) When you're waiting for the lift and it stops at EVERY storey
Even at the 2nd storey!
Or when you're in the lieft and you wanna fart. Especially when there's only one other person in the lift. I mean, you know, there won't be anyone you can narrow your eyes and glare accusingly at. Heh.

3) When you're bidding on Ebay and your internet connection goes down.
Simply because bidding ends in 1 minute and you need to STAND BY to get the bag of your dreams!

4) When you're just gonna finish typing a Word Document/Powepoint and your computer hangs without warning
And your life depends on that 2000 word essay....
While restarting your computer (OH THE AGONY!!) you pray and hope that Auto-recover DID occur. And you swear to save your work at regular intervals, but the time time round, this painful cycle starts again.

5) When you are playing Draw Something and your friend takes forever to Draw Something
And all you see is:  "XXXX is Drawing Something".
After 5 seconds (which seemed like a century).. XXX is Drawing Something.
And so on.
And on.
And peer into the mirror for signs of aging.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Mania P2

Remember my post about my Hello Kitty Glasses a few weeks ago? :)
If you haven't seen it, here's the link!
I just saw a PINK one in the mall yesterday. NICER!!! :(

Anyway just for fun, here's a pic of me with a Hello Kitty plate from a sushi place.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo of The Week - It's a Pink, Pink, World

Simply because, pink's my favourite colour. My walls are pink, bed's pink, mouse, water bottle, radio, and pretty much everything else! :)

Anyway, since I'm talking so much about myself... And I'm treating this space as my online diary.. Let me tell you about a text I received.

"Shu Rin! I got a new colleague! Very cute - just like you! And she speaks like you too - she keeps saying omgomgomgomg. She panics like you as well!"


And I've got a pimple on my nose. Ouch. I bet #littlemissperfect never gets any!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top 5 Illogical Fears

Especially when they go mmmm.... ahhhhhhh.... oooooooo.  aiiyaaaa.
And an image of myself with black or worse, no teeth (at MY AGE) pops into my mind.

Hmmmm ohhhhh ahhhhh.

Birds' droppings
I mean, do you realise how hard it is to get it out of your hair? And yes, I've gotten it once. Unfortunately. #whydoesn't$$$fallfromthesky

Violent wing flapping - Pigeons
You know how Pigeons are like girls who gather in large groups all the time?
Yes, of course you do. Just add loud, violent flapping. PIACKPIACKPIACK.Photography wise, I have yet to get the courage to go near a whole group of them - they've no qulams flying at eye level at CLOSE DISTANCE.
And I cringe at the thought of them flying smack into my face.

Butt-crack sweat on train seats.
I mean, why is there a LINE or wet stuff on the seat?
And yeah I know I'm being a bitch about this that's why I said ILLOGICAL fears. :)

Sharing a lift with a stranger
Because I'm a paranoid TV addict who watches too much CSI and Criminal Minds, where the most harmless-looking people could actually be psychotic serial killers.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Girls' Night Out with 3/4 of the Y1S1 Clique!

Met up with my lovely girls last week!  Lydia and Flora couldn't make it, bummer, but we've got a lot a lot a lot of time to meet up next time!

I met Haira first because April (for the first time in her life, i think)  was late. Wanted to make her jealous so I told Haira we had to make many many photos. But hahaha I can only post a few #thepainofbeingunphotogenic.

Okay lah okay lah don't disturb April liao. Here's a pretty pic of you ok? I'm sure you'll have something bad to say about yourself though!! hahaha. I know you too will.

April with Haira. Haira's so small and cute!

Haira and I

A real Group pic with my thick, thick hair! I think if I ever sell my hair to some hair extensions supplier, there'll be enough hair for 3 people!!

Sososososo hungry trololol but still super indecisive about what to order. Stay tuned for April and Shushu's AUNTIENESS!

Anyway I better show you the pics of the food first or you'll say AIYAH SO BORING. WHO WANNA LISTEN TO HOW YOU WANT CHEAPCHEAP!!
First they forgot the soup then they gave us root beer instead of Pepsi. Bleah. But good food + friendly staff = nevermind

Wardha finally reached!!
First thing when we saw each other.. April and I said : EH DID YOU KNOW THAT XXXXXXX IS ATTACHED NOW? OMGOMGOMG!!! HAHAHAHA.

Haira and Wardha: HUH REALLY? OMG I DIDN'T SEE!!! *whip phone out*

Wardha had the honour of sitting beside me. haha. Or rather, misfortune, coz I look bad in most photos and have to take again and again and again! hahah SORRY :P

Our food!!

And the other guy's food seemed much better! He had steak on hotplate and a hugeeee plate of Oriental Fried Chicken! April and I kept bio-ing his food hahahaha.
See the kind behind me. And the bliss.

 April added this pic to HIGHLIGHT HIS ENJOYMENT AT HIS AWESOME FOOD #jealous
Okay now for the Auntie Part. So there isn't student price or 1-for-1 anymore. The promo now is buy 2 get 1 free instead. And April and I, the greedy girls we were, decided to buy 2 and get the free one.

Like the other time we ordered Jumbo Sets at Fish & Co. and gehkiang - orderd BIG DESSERT too. We couldn't even finish the fish HAHAHA.

 Each dish comes with a side. So we strategised what sides to choose for our sets and the shared one so that we wouldn't get shortchanged.

Like: EHHHH The sides for our FREE SET cannot be fries leh. Later they put less how??
So we should choose coleslaw right? They put in individual bowls so cannot giam!!!

Anyway, we shared with Haira in the end (if you noticed the chicken and omelette). Hahaha.

Forever acting cute. hahahaha. But well I only have a few years left to do this. Imagine me doing this when I'm 25!

We wanted to take photos here but these 3 guys just woulnd't go away!!! Selfish!!! :P Hahaha. Gave up in the end and headed to Aquanova.

We went to Stick to buy sweets. Forgot to take photos. But the staff gave us some sweets to try. So nice!!!! Strawberry and Grape, my favourite flavours!!

I bought a tiny lollipop to take photos with. hahaha.

On the way to Aquanova. Wanted to take a sneaky pic of Haira and Wardha and failed - obviously! 
1) I was caught
2) I focused on my own hair.

We sat with the live band's back facing us. And not the sofa seat too! But the band was good.
Watch this video - they're singing Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People.
And paiseh. I know the way I said "VIDEO" is uper unglamorous. Haha.

Btw Wardha and Haira were drinking Coke with Lemon. In case you're wondering.

I am SUPER proud of this photo. I think it's a very good shot!!! Considering that most of my friends hate to have me help them take photos because according to them, I suck!!! :(
So mean right. #somefriends. hahaha.

But then again, this one really CMI. haha.

No 3G connection but they had their WiFi Password ready in case customers asked!

And here's a pic of all of us 3 or 4 years ago. haha. How time flies. And we ALL had blogs. And spent our time reading and commenting on each other tagboards. And blogging about mean people. And using pseudo names to scold silly haters with nothing better to do who kept commenting 'REPUBLIC POLY SUCKS" on my old blog. HAHA. Those were the days!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo of the Week - The Hunger Pangs

Since everyone's been raving about The Hunger Games, which I had no time to watch #sosad

Does this look like a dessert buffet? You know what?


This is just a mini mini mini corner of an international buffet. Soooo can you imagine how much I ate that day :P

Speaking of junk food, I've been having a lot on my plate lately, be it at work or in school. Which = resorting to happy food. Or you might call it comfort food. Bubble tea, chips, chocolate, ESPECIALLY MALTESERS. You name it, I've thought of pigging out on it.

And Daddy's so cute. He keeps reminding my sis and I:
"Hey I bought kitkats. They're in the fridge. Did you see them?"
"There're potato chips in the cupboard, mummy bought a lot."
"Oh I bought ice-cream, remember to eat!!!!!! SEE FREEZER."

And I'm not the skinny kinda girl, if you know what I mean.
Not athletic as well!!
So if anyone wants to be a sponsor for liposuction, please let me know hahaha. 


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