Photo of the Week - The Pink Furball

Guess what this is? :)
I finally got the hang of using my camera in Macro mode!
It's really good for close-up pics - check out the details.

P.S. I just viewed this post using something else and it looks gross ahahahaha.

Isn't pink the loveliest colour in the world? 
- 987766541 people are rolling their eyes now -Anyway, I''m gonna make this Photo of the Week post well... a weekly thing.

Random happening of the day. I met some really nice today. A random stranger who offered help. And replied 'you're welcome' even more graciously than my 'thank you'. Whoever said nice people don't exist anymore? And I take back those unfair comments I made about people ONLY helping pretty girls. Lovely people like that brighten my day, and I hope I'll brighten someone else's at least once a week, if not day.


If you're interested....

I'll be consolidating all photos and links in this page called "Photography":
(Yes, I planned on posting this monthly, but then I realised I've got too many photos!)


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