Photo of the Week: The Studying Bear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

It's pretty obvious that I'm the one who's supposed to studying, not Cutiepie Bear.

Who btw, has been with me for 15 years. He arrived in a mini dollhouse filled with minibooks, to the delight of me a.k.a Little Miss Clumsy (sorry Cutiepie Bear! )

Okay I have truckloads of assignments to pass up next week, I'd better start on them before I regret and get Big Red Fs for everything!

Random: I've recently developed an unfathomable obsession for Earl Grey Tea.
I can drink it without sugar (goodbye cellulite)!, and goes perfectly with dessert.

Which contradicts what i just said about not taking sugar.
Oh well :P

And to all of ya reading this, I wanna know:

1) Do you still have a something from your childhood you've kept with you for a loooong long time? How long?
2) What's your favourite tea?

Lotsa love and I know there're people reading this and I love you and will love you more if you let me know who you are, 



Anonymous said…
I have this homemade bell that I made in elementary school, it has a three headed dragon fused into the bell structure. It is a constant testament to my artistic skill or rather lack of artistic skill.

For tea I enjoy some green tea with honey, it's good.
ShuShu said…
I've always thought of Green Tea as an Asian thing! And I love green tea too!! Hae alway wondered why the staff at the cafe give honey to go with tea, never dared to ask - now I know!! :)

But still, the bell sounds cute, and you should keep it for a loooong loooong time, just for memory's sake :P

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