Make it Right for a Better Ride with SMRT!

You'll never believe this. It DOES happen, you know.
There's this girl, Amelia. Every morning, she takes the bus to the train station, and from there, she takes the train to work. This time, she met many different character I'm sure everyone can relate too. Read and see if you recognise them!!

That day was a little different than other days.
While boarding the bus, Amelia met The Shover. Which could have been an accident, except that the culprit glared at her, with the accompanying resounding. TSSSSSSKKKKKK.

Now if that wasn’t enough, she met The Body Odor person. That someone was TALL. And holding on to the handrails on top. As luck would have it, the bus jerked, and Amanda’s face fell smack into. yeah I think you got it. EWWW. :X

Train station.
Playing Draw Something.
Stopped at the top, right in front of the escalator opening. Caused a panic.
Nuff said.

It really wasn’t a good day for Amelia, that poor girl. This time, she couldn’t get on the first few trains because some someone decided to be The I Put Everything Right In The Centre So That I Can Be The First To Rush IN person. #kiasumuch. Created a bit of a jam.

Got this from a friend's FB. Haven't told him yet  =X

Amelia finally managed to get into the third train. But pity pity…. That was where she met The Hair Flipper. The Hair Flipper is typically someone who has her loooong hair in a ponytail. The probably fantastise about auditioning for Willow Smith's (you gotta watch teh first 15 seconds if you haven't see this before!) or some  Car Wash ad.

The next part… is rather gross. Amelia heard someone sneeze, and felt droplets of water on her arms at the same time. Not thinking too much about it ( I mean what are the odds????, she thought it was an air conditioner malfunction. But when she looked around… nothing. Oh shoot. She met The Unhygenic Twerp. Who apparently didn’t know what Tissue meant. And didn’t have the decency to cover his.her mouth. 
The next thing she knew… The Finger Crusher  came into the picture. Oh man, she thought. WHY ME??? Finger Crushers love to selfishly lean on the poles. People like them are safety hazards, actually. Sometimes, they become The Pole Dancers. Where they, for some reason, decide to grind against the pole. On  public train. Oh well. To each it's own.
Amelia felt immensely relieved when she reached her destination.
Finally, she thought. No more rude shocks!

But…. Oh no. Her ordeal was far from over. She met The Tripper. Trippers are also known as booby traps. They’re rare but deadly. Sticking out their legs on crowded trains at the most unexpected moments, they’re the once who can cause chaos. One person loses balance = domino effect.

And that was the end of Amelia’s dreadful morning. "Ok. Last straw", she fumed. "I am never taking public Transport again."
Needless to say, Amelia was late ( oh the HORROR), and not in a very good mood for the rest of the day.

And of course, we've all met:
The My Newspaper is King - I need to spread bigbig person
The My Bag is Worth A Million Bucks so It Deserves a Seat person

My Elbow is Sharp BEWARE person
I Slap You With My Bag Then You Know person

There're many more, mostly petty issues.. but still annoying all the same - especially in the morning, where nobody acually wants to wake up, and in the evening, when everyone's exhausted. But let's stop harping on the bad stuff, shall we?

Now if people knew about this.....

The Make it Right for a Better Ride Campaign.
The Graciousness on Public Transport programme is back! This time, we all get to read poems, reflections and calligraphies from fellow commuters on how to make our journeys more pleasant by being gracious.

I like this best because well, she's adorable, and she talks about being gracious in general,and not just about giving up our seats. Kudos to you, Erni, for being able to look at the bigger picture at such a tender age.
Have you seen the posters on buses and in MRT stations?

If you look at the forums and other blogs, all you'll see is the negative things that happen. But .. THERE ARE NICE PEOPLE ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT TOO!!!

1)Singaporeans generally abide by the rules, as you can see here. Even during peak hours, everyone stand on the left, and climbs up on the left.

2) I always see people give up their seats.
Maybe, we should have a Hall of Fame concept instead of the Wall of Shame on the very famous Stomp.

3) Every morning, this blind couple near my place go to work. People wait patiently for them to alight, help them down the bus, and even walk with them slowly to the train?
How come nobody ever highlights the good things people do? Is that why less people are motivated to be nice? Is that why more people forget about being nice?

4) Once, someone had an epilepsy attack on the train, and a few people with the know-how rushed to help. One notified the driver. And after he was helped out, some stayed with him on the platform until he felt alright.
I wrote to the Straits Times Forum and it got published (Kudos to the SMRT Staff btw). But I doubt anyone remembers how nice everyone was. People only remember things like
a) Others 'pretending' to sleep
b) Girls drinking bubble tea on the train.
c) Males taking up too much space because they open their legs too wide
d) Etc, Etc, #toostupidtomention

And this is what I Propose we do to be gracious commuters.

1) Stop complaining AND making assumptions
If you're unhappy with something, solve it instead of complaining. For those who're obsessed with the oh-so-sacred priority seat, SPEAK UP.

Tell someone nicely that there's someone who needs the seat more instead of seething inwardly. Most people are too tired to keep a strict lookout for pregnant of elderly, so YOU be gracious by helping them ask!

 Chances are people will give up their seats willingly. :) 

2) STOP taking photos on the sly.
Simply because... it is as annoying as hell. And making assumptions and then posting them up for everyone else to critisize? That is ungraciousness to the power of infinity.
Not to mention it could lead to cyberbullying. Ungracious too.

3) START to think of what you don't like and reflect
Sometimes, people do things without realising it. Even things they condemn other people for.  Do you?

So, take some time to reflect on your own behaviour, and try to see if you're doing something inconsiderate/ungracious whatnot.
We're all humans, we WILL err at some point, but the thing is that we LEARN from our mistakes.

4) START focusing on the positive instead of negative.
It matters, you know. If you think everything sucks and everyone's a bitch, it'll permantly be that way. Why not do simple things like
a) look out for the people who return nice gestures with smiles?
b) Keep a count of how many people offer their seats?
c) Also take note of people who are genuinely grateful when they're offered seats (oh teh warm bubbly feeling!)

5) Do what you want others to do unto you, and don't do what you don't want others to do as well.
And if you need me to explain that, you're better off driving your own car.

And now.. if all of us to this, we might very well Have A Better Ride.

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