[Guiness World Records Attempt] Massive Robot Balloon Sculpture invades Singapore!

This weekend.
65,000 Balloons.
Guinness World Records.
Marina Square.
Put them together, and you get...... THIS.

And believe me, it looks even more impressive in real life. Imagine how much time and effort it took! And there are HUNDREDS of balloons INSIDE the structure. Tell you why I know at the end of this post. I wanna cry when I think of the missed opportunity. hahaha.

Oh Silly me. I haven't showed you what this about yet! Read the banners lah! Confirm more interesting than my write-up.

Basically, this robot-like structure, all 11m x 18m of it was built by 50 balloon artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and SIngapore to set a world record - more specifically, the Guiness World Records.

They finished this on Monday, and opened it for public viewing on FRIDAY MORNING. Impressive, no?


Balloon action figures. I think they'll be taken out to somewhere more open for easy photography. There were placed outside the atrium on Tuesday when I was there.  Didn't manage to take good pics, but here's a rough idea! There are a few more, but good luck trying to take photos with them. SUPER POPULAR.

I think they wanted to do jumpshots.

Jumpshots like... this, I mean. I'm the unglam one in blue. But at least I don't look like I;m shitting, like how I always do. Jumpshot + me = eternal enemies :D

Here's a shot of the awesome people behind this. Such an energetic lot. They've been working at the speed of Speedy Gonzales all week and they don't seem to be tired at ALL!!

And you can see they they're really dedicated to their passion. Look at this. LUGGAGE. EH does this mean they aren't gonna do any sightseeing or shopping? :(
They deserve some time to enjoy themselves!!!


Sideview!! Even its arms are much, much taller than me! *faints* And can you see, it's 3 storeys high?


Aiyah I wanna lie down on this so so much. hahahaha. like *FLOP*

The little details. They've mastered the art of perfection

Sizes. And yes, the space below the grey wall looks mighty comfy.

Can you even figure our how they managed to do this?

And when said that the balloon sculpture is HUGEEEEE, I wasn't exaggerating. See how the top hits the skylight!

Last thing. I wanna say the wall's pretty too. How do you think they managed to do this? I mean, from where I was, it looked like the balloons are strung on a metal pole, but that's realistically impossible, right?

Public Viewing is from 16 to 18 March. Don't complain you have nothing to do for the weekend because it's CAMWHORE TIME!!!

What records to you think you can break? I can think of a few for myself.

*World Record: Most Archiac Phone*
or... Pig-sty-ish Room?

And I really really really want an iPhone 4 or 4s. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in Singapore who doesn't have a smartphone. But then again, I'm saving money. Ohwells. Maybe a phone will fall from the sky soon.

*World Record: Biggest Nose*

That's my blog name. Nuff said. Not that i'm looking to change my nose. I'm perfectly fine with just complaining about it :P

*World Record*
Thunder Thighs too Gross to see the light of the day
However much weight I lose, the fats at the thighs are here to stay.
Fats on my jaw are SUPER stubborn too, but oh the wonders of long hair. :P

OK. Back to Topic.
Kudos to the team for this balloon sculpture! To have spent such a long time building it, and an even longer time planning - I'm sure this was no easy feat. Every single detail was perfect, from the colour and size combinations. I saw them start this from scratch, and it was just.. amazing how they didn't give up.

I mean, throughout the day, it was was pump pump pump.
Tie tie tie.
Push push push.
Burst Burst Burst.

And do you have any idea how many balloons they have to pack in INSIDE the structure? It seemed never-ending.
But they did it!!!

And yes, I'm a scardey cat. Balloons and their ever-often bursting freak me out to no end.
And I gotta admit, I learnt a lesson after this. I could have gotten better pics and interview opportunities.

But my sheer pig-headedness got the better of me. I was there when they started from scratch, with bursting balloons and stray ones flying all around.

But it only REALLY caught my attention when I saw that they were trying to break the world record #realistic much.

Which resulted in no nice pics and videos. And I rushed there again before work and rushedddd to take these pics bleah. But I'm sure I'll do better. My photo and reporter's instincts will get better soon!

Nevertheless, this was an eye opener, and I'm glad I caught it. Now I know, everything anyone does, is worth something. #heartbreakaboutcouldhavebeenvideo.

On a sidenote... I've been been considering not wearing glasses. If you remember the #missbitch fiasco. And #littlemissperfect makes this whole thing suck even more.

But I'm a big fat coward. I only have a pair of eyes you know!


Bye from Shu, her thighs and nose!
(And I do hope you'll be back to read my blog, it's easy, you can just subscribe *look on the right*)


Darcy said…
Any blog i go to, there are charming pictures of different places about a billion miles from me. :/ and BALOONS!!, i love baloons. I wish I lived in Singapore.
ShuShu said…
H Darcy,

I'm sure there are many things in your country you get to see that I'll be envious of! Heading to your blog now! :)


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