Can't believe I'm saying this: I'm glad my appetite's back! :D

Usually I HATE having to eat because eating = never becoming skinny=feeling even more inferior to #littlemissperfect=the desire to evaporate.
So.. NEWSFLASH. I'm sick! With a fever like the stockmarket.  I'm feeling a bit better now (why else would I be online), but still I-better-write-this-down-faster-before-I-forget-anything-and-then-go-to-sleep.

And you know someone doesn't usually fall sick when you see her Googling:
1) What are the symptoms of fever?
2) Where do headaches occur?
3) Will fever subside by itself?

Might seem funny now, but trust me, at the point of time, it was PANIC ATTACK. Which is why I'm writing this down now. So that I won't be such a sillysoul when this happens again.

I get the cough and flu and loss of voice quite frequently, the last time I rememembered having a fever like this was when I was like.. 18, and I'm 22+ now!
I guess thats why I'm not surprised that I didn't know that was well. sick SICK.

And maybe I got the spelling wrong. Maybe I didn't. I mean, the longer I look at the 'P' word, the more I think I spelt it wrong. But then again, it might be used to me being a little woozy. I mean, I was even having problems saying 'Have a Good Weekend" on a social media site! And obviously, I was never the Art Teacher's Pet. Heh.

So, back to the story.

I was feeling like sh*t. Shrugged it off as lack of sleep and too many nightmares (I blame it all on #stupidmodule), so I didn't think too much about it. Plus I had a class for #stupidmodule later that night.

So I (very unwillingly) took some Panadol. Worked liked MAGIC. Day went on without a hiccup. Wanted to check my temperature before I slept. Too tired. Furthermore, it was FREEZING, and I had bodyache. Thought I'd just sleep and recharge.
Silly me. Feeling cold andhaving bodyaches ARE signs of fever, right?

Looked at my thermometer.. took my temperature.. and I had no idea what happened after that except that I went to work and my boss told me to go home because I looked pale and my skin had gone all ashy looking. And the long, arduous journey home. And I slept, and slept, and.. slept.
And it was a hassle even going to the bathroom, and everything I ATTEMPTED to throw into the bin ended up OUTSIDE the bin.

And mummy's so cute. Kept putting cold towels on my forehead.And daddy cooked easy-to-eat-stuff but i couldn't stomach anything.And sister drove me to the clinic.

I cannot for the life of me remember.

Abit of headache and bodyache left. I want to puke after eating. And yes, even a few mouthfuls of porridge is a pain. I wonder how doctors expect us to 'take emdicence after every meal'. Meal, what meal!!!!! I also wonder how some aspiring models enamate such angelic GLOW everyday. I mean, being hungry sucks. Puking and wanting to puke sucks too. And they actually FANTASIZE about that kind of life?


My eyelids weigh like a million tonssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss



Bee said…
Oh, I hope you get better soon! :)

Following your blog now. :)

Twefrence said…
aww I hope you're better now. And I loved how you made it kinda like a diary post, writing down the progress for each day =)
ShuShu said…
Bee thank you! I followed yours too! :D

@Twefrence thank you, I am very much better now, and have fun in school!! :D

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