Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo of the Week - The Pink Furball

Guess what this is? :)
I finally got the hang of using my camera in Macro mode!
It's really good for close-up pics - check out the details.

P.S. I just viewed this post using something else and it looks gross ahahahaha.

Isn't pink the loveliest colour in the world? 
- 987766541 people are rolling their eyes now -Anyway, I''m gonna make this Photo of the Week post well... a weekly thing.

Random happening of the day. I met some really nice today. A random stranger who offered help. And replied 'you're welcome' even more graciously than my 'thank you'. Whoever said nice people don't exist anymore? And I take back those unfair comments I made about people ONLY helping pretty girls. Lovely people like that brighten my day, and I hope I'll brighten someone else's at least once a week, if not day.


If you're interested....

I'll be consolidating all photos and links in this page called "Photography":
(Yes, I planned on posting this monthly, but then I realised I've got too many photos!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo of the Week: The Studying Bear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

It's pretty obvious that I'm the one who's supposed to studying, not Cutiepie Bear.

Who btw, has been with me for 15 years. He arrived in a mini dollhouse filled with minibooks, to the delight of me a.k.a Little Miss Clumsy (sorry Cutiepie Bear! )

Okay I have truckloads of assignments to pass up next week, I'd better start on them before I regret and get Big Red Fs for everything!

Random: I've recently developed an unfathomable obsession for Earl Grey Tea.
I can drink it without sugar (goodbye cellulite)!, and goes perfectly with dessert.

Which contradicts what i just said about not taking sugar.
Oh well :P

And to all of ya reading this, I wanna know:

1) Do you still have a something from your childhood you've kept with you for a loooong long time? How long?
2) What's your favourite tea?

Lotsa love and I know there're people reading this and I love you and will love you more if you let me know who you are, 


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Make it Right for a Better Ride with SMRT!

You'll never believe this. It DOES happen, you know.
There's this girl, Amelia. Every morning, she takes the bus to the train station, and from there, she takes the train to work. This time, she met many different character I'm sure everyone can relate too. Read and see if you recognise them!!

That day was a little different than other days.
While boarding the bus, Amelia met The Shover. Which could have been an accident, except that the culprit glared at her, with the accompanying resounding. TSSSSSSKKKKKK.

Now if that wasn’t enough, she met The Body Odor person. That someone was TALL. And holding on to the handrails on top. As luck would have it, the bus jerked, and Amanda’s face fell smack into. yeah I think you got it. EWWW. :X

Train station.
Playing Draw Something.
Stopped at the top, right in front of the escalator opening. Caused a panic.
Nuff said.

It really wasn’t a good day for Amelia, that poor girl. This time, she couldn’t get on the first few trains because some someone decided to be The I Put Everything Right In The Centre So That I Can Be The First To Rush IN person. #kiasumuch. Created a bit of a jam.

Got this from a friend's FB. Haven't told him yet  =X

Amelia finally managed to get into the third train. But pity pity…. That was where she met The Hair Flipper. The Hair Flipper is typically someone who has her loooong hair in a ponytail. The probably fantastise about auditioning for Willow Smith's (you gotta watch teh first 15 seconds if you haven't see this before!) or some  Car Wash ad.

The next part… is rather gross. Amelia heard someone sneeze, and felt droplets of water on her arms at the same time. Not thinking too much about it ( I mean what are the odds????, she thought it was an air conditioner malfunction. But when she looked around… nothing. Oh shoot. She met The Unhygenic Twerp. Who apparently didn’t know what Tissue meant. And didn’t have the decency to cover his.her mouth. 
The next thing she knew… The Finger Crusher  came into the picture. Oh man, she thought. WHY ME??? Finger Crushers love to selfishly lean on the poles. People like them are safety hazards, actually. Sometimes, they become The Pole Dancers. Where they, for some reason, decide to grind against the pole. On  public train. Oh well. To each it's own.
Amelia felt immensely relieved when she reached her destination.
Finally, she thought. No more rude shocks!

But…. Oh no. Her ordeal was far from over. She met The Tripper. Trippers are also known as booby traps. They’re rare but deadly. Sticking out their legs on crowded trains at the most unexpected moments, they’re the once who can cause chaos. One person loses balance = domino effect.

And that was the end of Amelia’s dreadful morning. "Ok. Last straw", she fumed. "I am never taking public Transport again."
Needless to say, Amelia was late ( oh the HORROR), and not in a very good mood for the rest of the day.

And of course, we've all met:
The My Newspaper is King - I need to spread bigbig person
The My Bag is Worth A Million Bucks so It Deserves a Seat person

My Elbow is Sharp BEWARE person
I Slap You With My Bag Then You Know person

There're many more, mostly petty issues.. but still annoying all the same - especially in the morning, where nobody acually wants to wake up, and in the evening, when everyone's exhausted. But let's stop harping on the bad stuff, shall we?

Now if people knew about this.....

The Make it Right for a Better Ride Campaign.
The Graciousness on Public Transport programme is back! This time, we all get to read poems, reflections and calligraphies from fellow commuters on how to make our journeys more pleasant by being gracious.

I like this best because well, she's adorable, and she talks about being gracious in general,and not just about giving up our seats. Kudos to you, Erni, for being able to look at the bigger picture at such a tender age.
Have you seen the posters on buses and in MRT stations?

If you look at the forums and other blogs, all you'll see is the negative things that happen. But .. THERE ARE NICE PEOPLE ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT TOO!!!

1)Singaporeans generally abide by the rules, as you can see here. Even during peak hours, everyone stand on the left, and climbs up on the left.

2) I always see people give up their seats.
Maybe, we should have a Hall of Fame concept instead of the Wall of Shame on the very famous Stomp.

3) Every morning, this blind couple near my place go to work. People wait patiently for them to alight, help them down the bus, and even walk with them slowly to the train?
How come nobody ever highlights the good things people do? Is that why less people are motivated to be nice? Is that why more people forget about being nice?

4) Once, someone had an epilepsy attack on the train, and a few people with the know-how rushed to help. One notified the driver. And after he was helped out, some stayed with him on the platform until he felt alright.
I wrote to the Straits Times Forum and it got published (Kudos to the SMRT Staff btw). But I doubt anyone remembers how nice everyone was. People only remember things like
a) Others 'pretending' to sleep
b) Girls drinking bubble tea on the train.
c) Males taking up too much space because they open their legs too wide
d) Etc, Etc, #toostupidtomention

And this is what I Propose we do to be gracious commuters.

1) Stop complaining AND making assumptions
If you're unhappy with something, solve it instead of complaining. For those who're obsessed with the oh-so-sacred priority seat, SPEAK UP.

Tell someone nicely that there's someone who needs the seat more instead of seething inwardly. Most people are too tired to keep a strict lookout for pregnant of elderly, so YOU be gracious by helping them ask!

 Chances are people will give up their seats willingly. :) 

2) STOP taking photos on the sly.
Simply because... it is as annoying as hell. And making assumptions and then posting them up for everyone else to critisize? That is ungraciousness to the power of infinity.
Not to mention it could lead to cyberbullying. Ungracious too.

3) START to think of what you don't like and reflect
Sometimes, people do things without realising it. Even things they condemn other people for.  Do you?

So, take some time to reflect on your own behaviour, and try to see if you're doing something inconsiderate/ungracious whatnot.
We're all humans, we WILL err at some point, but the thing is that we LEARN from our mistakes.

4) START focusing on the positive instead of negative.
It matters, you know. If you think everything sucks and everyone's a bitch, it'll permantly be that way. Why not do simple things like
a) look out for the people who return nice gestures with smiles?
b) Keep a count of how many people offer their seats?
c) Also take note of people who are genuinely grateful when they're offered seats (oh teh warm bubbly feeling!)

5) Do what you want others to do unto you, and don't do what you don't want others to do as well.
And if you need me to explain that, you're better off driving your own car.

And now.. if all of us to this, we might very well Have A Better Ride.

Join the “Make It Right For A Better Ride” Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details on

Saturday, March 17, 2012

[Guiness World Records Attempt] Massive Robot Balloon Sculpture invades Singapore!

This weekend.
65,000 Balloons.
Guinness World Records.
Marina Square.
Put them together, and you get...... THIS.

And believe me, it looks even more impressive in real life. Imagine how much time and effort it took! And there are HUNDREDS of balloons INSIDE the structure. Tell you why I know at the end of this post. I wanna cry when I think of the missed opportunity. hahaha.

Oh Silly me. I haven't showed you what this about yet! Read the banners lah! Confirm more interesting than my write-up.

Basically, this robot-like structure, all 11m x 18m of it was built by 50 balloon artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and SIngapore to set a world record - more specifically, the Guiness World Records.

They finished this on Monday, and opened it for public viewing on FRIDAY MORNING. Impressive, no?


Balloon action figures. I think they'll be taken out to somewhere more open for easy photography. There were placed outside the atrium on Tuesday when I was there.  Didn't manage to take good pics, but here's a rough idea! There are a few more, but good luck trying to take photos with them. SUPER POPULAR.

I think they wanted to do jumpshots.

Jumpshots like... this, I mean. I'm the unglam one in blue. But at least I don't look like I;m shitting, like how I always do. Jumpshot + me = eternal enemies :D

Here's a shot of the awesome people behind this. Such an energetic lot. They've been working at the speed of Speedy Gonzales all week and they don't seem to be tired at ALL!!

And you can see they they're really dedicated to their passion. Look at this. LUGGAGE. EH does this mean they aren't gonna do any sightseeing or shopping? :(
They deserve some time to enjoy themselves!!!


Sideview!! Even its arms are much, much taller than me! *faints* And can you see, it's 3 storeys high?


Aiyah I wanna lie down on this so so much. hahahaha. like *FLOP*

The little details. They've mastered the art of perfection

Sizes. And yes, the space below the grey wall looks mighty comfy.

Can you even figure our how they managed to do this?

And when said that the balloon sculpture is HUGEEEEE, I wasn't exaggerating. See how the top hits the skylight!

Last thing. I wanna say the wall's pretty too. How do you think they managed to do this? I mean, from where I was, it looked like the balloons are strung on a metal pole, but that's realistically impossible, right?

Public Viewing is from 16 to 18 March. Don't complain you have nothing to do for the weekend because it's CAMWHORE TIME!!!

What records to you think you can break? I can think of a few for myself.

*World Record: Most Archiac Phone*
or... Pig-sty-ish Room?

And I really really really want an iPhone 4 or 4s. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in Singapore who doesn't have a smartphone. But then again, I'm saving money. Ohwells. Maybe a phone will fall from the sky soon.

*World Record: Biggest Nose*

That's my blog name. Nuff said. Not that i'm looking to change my nose. I'm perfectly fine with just complaining about it :P

*World Record*
Thunder Thighs too Gross to see the light of the day
However much weight I lose, the fats at the thighs are here to stay.
Fats on my jaw are SUPER stubborn too, but oh the wonders of long hair. :P

OK. Back to Topic.
Kudos to the team for this balloon sculpture! To have spent such a long time building it, and an even longer time planning - I'm sure this was no easy feat. Every single detail was perfect, from the colour and size combinations. I saw them start this from scratch, and it was just.. amazing how they didn't give up.

I mean, throughout the day, it was was pump pump pump.
Tie tie tie.
Push push push.
Burst Burst Burst.

And do you have any idea how many balloons they have to pack in INSIDE the structure? It seemed never-ending.
But they did it!!!

And yes, I'm a scardey cat. Balloons and their ever-often bursting freak me out to no end.
And I gotta admit, I learnt a lesson after this. I could have gotten better pics and interview opportunities.

But my sheer pig-headedness got the better of me. I was there when they started from scratch, with bursting balloons and stray ones flying all around.

But it only REALLY caught my attention when I saw that they were trying to break the world record #realistic much.

Which resulted in no nice pics and videos. And I rushed there again before work and rushedddd to take these pics bleah. But I'm sure I'll do better. My photo and reporter's instincts will get better soon!

Nevertheless, this was an eye opener, and I'm glad I caught it. Now I know, everything anyone does, is worth something. #heartbreakaboutcouldhavebeenvideo.

On a sidenote... I've been been considering not wearing glasses. If you remember the #missbitch fiasco. And #littlemissperfect makes this whole thing suck even more.

But I'm a big fat coward. I only have a pair of eyes you know!


Bye from Shu, her thighs and nose!
(And I do hope you'll be back to read my blog, it's easy, you can just subscribe *look on the right*)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super @#$% vs. Supersweet sales people

I had the honour of meeting both types today. Background: I'm the kind of girl who's extremly extremly timid and most salespeople like to take advantage.

Mean salesperson:
Okay so a few days ago, the frame of my glasses cracked and the lens fell out.
While I was going down the stairs.
No fault of mine. Because HELLO, I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 and I'm 23 now!!
I swear, those two uncles always see me bodoh and timid - 他们臭人.

They told me to go back to get my (spoilt sunglasses) and they weren't able to help me replace them.
I wanted to end it fast and I KNEWWWWW a person like ME would never win people like THEM.
Until my sister heard of my predictament... and after very obnoxious !@#$%^ from the salesperson, THEY AGREED TO REPLACE THOSE GLASSES.

My sister rocks. She always comes to the rescue when stupid salespeople try to mess with me.
AND she doesn't even need to raise her voice. She can have thos poker face and speak softly without having anyone trying to mess with her!!

Nice Salesperson:
So I'm trying to venture into something new (ok more like additional now), so I went to this shop to check the prices for a Tripod Stand and LED light. There were some pricey ones, and some ok-costing ones of poorer quality. And the nice gentleman who attended to me was so very honest.
First, I wanted to buy a memory card. He encouraged me to buy an 8GB card instead of the 16GB one even though the 16GB one was more expensive. I forgot his reason, but it was something really true, and I'm glad I made the right choice.

Then I looked for lights. And you know what. He did have those in his shop, but they were the professional kind.  Which I didn't need. Yet. He could very well have pushed it oh-so-agressively like those pushcart sales people. But you know what. HE TOLD ME WHERE TO GET CHEAPER AND MORE SUITABLE ONES! SO NICE RIGHT.
Same thing happened for the tripod. ANDDD for the tripod, I would have bought one of the cheap ones already. Then he told me honestly that those wouldn't last very long. Which was really nice of him because I'm young and poor and if the tripod spoils on me after a few uses, I'll be heartbrokennnn *money fly away*


Anyway, I wanna go to the beach so so so much, but I don't have the time!!

And I have photos of a buffet i went to recently to post here :P
Not that anyone ever reads this. Ownself shiok ok? haha.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Can't believe I'm saying this: I'm glad my appetite's back! :D

Usually I HATE having to eat because eating = never becoming skinny=feeling even more inferior to #littlemissperfect=the desire to evaporate.
So.. NEWSFLASH. I'm sick! With a fever like the stockmarket.  I'm feeling a bit better now (why else would I be online), but still I-better-write-this-down-faster-before-I-forget-anything-and-then-go-to-sleep.

And you know someone doesn't usually fall sick when you see her Googling:
1) What are the symptoms of fever?
2) Where do headaches occur?
3) Will fever subside by itself?

Might seem funny now, but trust me, at the point of time, it was PANIC ATTACK. Which is why I'm writing this down now. So that I won't be such a sillysoul when this happens again.

I get the cough and flu and loss of voice quite frequently, the last time I rememembered having a fever like this was when I was like.. 18, and I'm 22+ now!
I guess thats why I'm not surprised that I didn't know that was well. sick SICK.

And maybe I got the spelling wrong. Maybe I didn't. I mean, the longer I look at the 'P' word, the more I think I spelt it wrong. But then again, it might be used to me being a little woozy. I mean, I was even having problems saying 'Have a Good Weekend" on a social media site! And obviously, I was never the Art Teacher's Pet. Heh.

So, back to the story.

I was feeling like sh*t. Shrugged it off as lack of sleep and too many nightmares (I blame it all on #stupidmodule), so I didn't think too much about it. Plus I had a class for #stupidmodule later that night.

So I (very unwillingly) took some Panadol. Worked liked MAGIC. Day went on without a hiccup. Wanted to check my temperature before I slept. Too tired. Furthermore, it was FREEZING, and I had bodyache. Thought I'd just sleep and recharge.
Silly me. Feeling cold andhaving bodyaches ARE signs of fever, right?

Looked at my thermometer.. took my temperature.. and I had no idea what happened after that except that I went to work and my boss told me to go home because I looked pale and my skin had gone all ashy looking. And the long, arduous journey home. And I slept, and slept, and.. slept.
And it was a hassle even going to the bathroom, and everything I ATTEMPTED to throw into the bin ended up OUTSIDE the bin.

And mummy's so cute. Kept putting cold towels on my forehead.And daddy cooked easy-to-eat-stuff but i couldn't stomach anything.And sister drove me to the clinic.

I cannot for the life of me remember.

Abit of headache and bodyache left. I want to puke after eating. And yes, even a few mouthfuls of porridge is a pain. I wonder how doctors expect us to 'take emdicence after every meal'. Meal, what meal!!!!! I also wonder how some aspiring models enamate such angelic GLOW everyday. I mean, being hungry sucks. Puking and wanting to puke sucks too. And they actually FANTASIZE about that kind of life?


My eyelids weigh like a million tonssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Video of the Month: Teenage Stars Then and Now

As usual... I was bored.... in denial about my assignments as usual. Lurked around Youtube (as usual again), and came across this. How many of them do you recognise?