Old photographs I LURVEEE and you should too :D

So I was clearing my photos in my laptop to make space for more, and chanced upon these old photos I haven't looked at  in a long time. Most were taken with my phone, and some with my budget camera. Saving up for a new camera :) After I'm done with school at Unisim :)

This flower's really tiny actually. Like, the size of an average fingerprint. Tiny, but still pretty enough for me to notice. Or maybe it's because being the girl who always blends into the background... I notice the unnoticible more.

I've blogged about this before. Now these, these look like dried weeds from a distance. But I still find them pretty. You just gotta make the effort to look at things closer to see how beautiful and rare they actually are.

And this.... remember those days we were little, and all the kids played together in the playground, and got along like SUPER well even though they've never met prior to that encounter? Sooo sooo sooo cute. Those were the days. And of course, those were also the ways my butt was small enough to get into one of these things.

Another dried up flower. I seem to have a knack of noticing the unnoticable, don't I. Look at how this dried up little flower stands tall amidst the pretty, rich, green grass. It's not as pretty, not as healthy as the bright green grass, but it still stands tall! I want to be like that someday. As soon as possible.

So you know. SIngapore is really tiny, and most people live in high-rise apartments. So I went up to this flat ( I think it was the 20th floor) and took this. A view from such a high place is niceeeeee. And yes, we livein an urban jungle. You should see where I work. Skyscapers.. train stations, and TOO MANY vehicles!

I have no idea why i did this.

It was supposed to look like this. Playgrounds are seldom empty. Guess I took this too early in the morning. AND toddlers are super cute, don't you think ;)

When the setting sun looked like an egg yolk.

Hello Walk of Greenery. You are better than Air conditioner.

The quietest road, ever.


I think I took this by accident.


There's something about the roads in the morning that appeal to me.

Wouldn't it be lovely if everything in the world's PINKKKK. :) I can imagine my friend Flora rolling her eyes now. haha.


They're tearing this building down this year. It looks really spooky now because everyone has moved out. Not a single light or living soul in the building!!!

AHHH peaceful road on a Saturday morning. Now this, I remember.


Sunset while walking home. Sometimes my rickety old phone is a blessing.

Under some expressway.

This photo wasn't edited. OHHHH THUNDERSTORM BREWINGGG.

Pinhole mode. haha.


Couldn't resist posting this. My super super fave food. Fried Marcaroni and Ice Milo. And SHAPE magazine to convince myself to be healthy. :P


This is new, I just had to add it, there's just something about this I love. Heh.


Chika said…
OMG... I love the photos. All of them. It's so amazing that someone can capture things others otherwise tend to ignore. You completely deserved the prize you won! Happy for you. ^_^
ShuShu said…
thank you thank you! :)
Hope others will notice the less conspicious people/things in life too!

have fun watching more Asian Dramas!
And you gotta watch You're Beautiful (Korean Drama), it's awwwww!!!
PurpleMist. said…
Love the photos!!
And congrats on winning the camera, thats so cool :D
ShuShu said…
Thank you, Purple Mist! I didn't expect to win anything that huge, haha :)

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