New Hello Kitty Glasses!

Sorry if you hate Hello Kitty hahahaha :D
Maybe I'll get contacts (those that makes your eyes bigger, maybe with colours) to match these.
hahaha LIKE REAL, I'm too much of a coward to wear contacts, though contacts do make people look better.

I'm thinking of photoshopping (if there's such a word) fake eyelashes, hair colour, with dark brown eyes like all the famous lifestyle bloggers in Singapore do. hahaha.


Aww~ thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm a new follwer of yours! I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty fan, but GOSH, your glasses are adorable! btw, I was looking through your older posts and I saw you won a camera, lucky girl! [: Heheh! Stay well!


Daydreams & Nightmares
ShuShu said…
Hi Meleonie!

I love your name! XD
And thanks for the follow, I'm a follower of your blog as well!

And thank you! :)
You stay well too!!

Bee said…
I love Hello Kitty! But I'm not that brave to wear those kind of glasses. heehee. It looks cute on you though! :)

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