My first fall involving BLOOD!

I mean the bigger type with more than just bruises. So I was looking at my knees yesterday, and I noticed that the scars from when I fell down a year ago were still around. Battle scars I call them. And although I'm the BIGGEST klutz in the world, before that incident, I've never even lost a DROP of blood from falling down or knocking into something. It was a fun experience, I gotta say!

AND also because I've been trying to improve on my language skills AND I'm reading a book called "A Novel in One Year". I'm not trying to write a novel, NOW, obviously. But the thing about this book's, it's good coz there are Exercises, where the wirter thoughtfully gives you suggestions on what to write on (you know ho they say practice makes perfect). And since I'm kinda stuck in a rut now and I wanna get out of it like ASAP, I thought I'd pratice here, and watch myself grow, back to the time where I always won awards for my writing. My teacher did tell me to keep on writing to keep in writing chops in tiptop condition, but the young punk I was, I didn't heed her advice so now's the time to climb back up. BULLET-TRAIN MODE. Wish me luck! And cut me some slack, I'm just starting! :)

Exercise 1:

Think about a time when you had an accident and write an account of it.

That day however, was an exception. It was my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Well, one session anyway. Me, 21 years old – as klutzy as when I was a tottering one-year-old, but still! 21 is a very, very special number.

Oh drat. I just dropped my bottle of nail polish. Butter fingers, as usual. Guess that proves my point about being accident-prone.

Ok back to the story. I, for some reason I cannot fathom, decided to were this pair of shoes that I wasn’t used to. Even whan I had a bad feeling in my gut.And yes, they were adorable. The base of the soles were really hard and inflexible. I usually wear softer flip flps. I didn’t know where my friends were bringing me, so I thought. Aww why not just wear that pair of shoes for such a special day?
I should have seen it coming. And I’m kicking myself for that. It was a sunny day – the type where you had to shield your eyes and squint if you wanted to look at your friend. The kind where you think you’d be blinded by some passing car’s rearview mirror. I usually loathe days like that with much vengeance. I’m the type of person who would be happy living in some forest-shade-induced nature reserve.

So the car arrived…. And I still didn’t know where we were going. Not that I cared, of course. I mean, with the music and ice-cold bubble tea and air-conditioning? I was in heavennnn.

So…. We ended up at the rooftop terrace of some really beautiful place. The beauty as a bit lost on me at first, because it was so bright and hot that I couldn’t see anything beyond 10 metres. But I still had fun because great company, good times. I hadn’t laughed like that in such a long time. We went had a picnic, flew some kites for a few hours, until we deemed the heat too unbearable, and decided to take shelter indoors.

And klutzy old me. I missed a step, and fell PLOP to the ground. It happened really fast (though I would really like to have it happening in slow-motion, and then I can proudly say that I had an interesting experience), and the pain didn’t even register. I just scrambled up and laughed, thinking that as usual, only some reddish spots would appear then fade. But oh no, not this time. I’m thinking being 21’s so special it comes with a price. The first time I fell down and bled. Not profusely, of course, but it never happened to me before! 

My friends, the sporty people they are, knew what to do at once. Bathroom. Water. Something to wipe the blood and dirt off. Seemed easy enough. And I think I have like chronic paranoia syndrome or something because I kep thinking about infections then gangrene then amputation. Silly me. Iodine and antiseptic were all I needed after that!

And then we went to some other pretty corner of the park to take even more photos! 
The part when my mum say my knees and my (first ever) scabbing experience are two even longer stories. And none of my friends would look at my knees for a few weeks. Despite the fact that I was really, reallly proud of it. Hahaha.

And that, was the most memorable thing for my 21th. Here's my life laid out in in a scrapbook. hahaha. And something random, I've got 206 profile photos on Facebook. haha.

And I'm feeling too lazy to search for pics, so I'll just take one from my Facebook. Tthis is how the place looks like. Looks nicer in real life and they filmed the Youth Olympics Song here :D

Well so that was my first memory of falling down and ending up with something more than a few bruises. When was yours?


ishashime said…
wow! what a story. i can't believe you never fell down ever before your 21st birthday! haha.

i, on the other hand, have a lot more scars than i can keep track of. the first time i fell was when i was about four years old, on the rough asphalt as my cousins and i were playing tag. needless to say, my legs were a darn bloody mess after. haha.
ShuShu said…
I usually crash into almost anything (and even nothing), but I've never gotten my knees looked so messed up before. Will take this as an experience. haha. but the dark scab marks are still ther e: ( hope yours aren't!!

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