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My first fall involving BLOOD!

I mean the bigger type with more than just bruises. So I was looking at my knees yesterday, and I noticed that the scars from when I fell down a year ago were still around. Battle scars I call them. And although I'm the BIGGEST klutz in the world, before that incident, I've never even lost a DROP of blood from falling down or knocking into something. It was a fun experience, I gotta say!

AND also because I've been trying to improve on my language skills AND I'm reading a book called "A Novel in One Year". I'm not trying to write a novel, NOW, obviously. But the thing about this book's, it's good coz there are Exercises, where the wirter thoughtfully gives you suggestions on what to write on (you know ho they say practice makes perfect). And since I'm kinda stuck in a rut now and I wanna get out of it like ASAP, I thought I'd pratice here, and watch myself grow, back to the time where I always won awards for my writing. My teacher did tell m…