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Close Shave with Falling Christmas Decor!

You know, they say when you're about to die, your life flashes past you. All in a few seconds. I never believed you could see so much in a few seconds, but well, it's true. Not that I was going to die. But I kinda thought I was, so you get the point.
So... Christmas is around the corner, and it's time for pretty, pretty Christmas decorations! These look better at night, because of the lighting and everything.

I was on a shopping spree with a friend, and she told me "EH I;ve got a hoodie so I'm ok. But do you want to 开雨伞?It's drizzling."

Of course I said no. Or I wouldn't have anything dramatic to write about. Which is kinda weird, becaue usually, I'd grab any chance to show off my HELLO KITTY UMBRELLA.

Happened a few weeks ago, but I'm still spooked. Half-inclined to carry an umbrella over my head everytime I'm out, haha. Here's a closer look of the Xmas Decoration. This isn't the specific spot, because I was too spooked to take a pic…

Sneak Preview of many many photos HAHA


Why I paid $200+ just to get someone to Shut Up

Have you ever stepped into a spa/grooming salon/gym..

Then the  very aggressive staff just drone on and on and on about how you should live your life  sign up for their packages?

And when you agree, they'll be like "actually there is a much better one' ?

And then The Better Package gradually snowballs to become .....
The Million Dollar Package That Can LAST Until Your Great-Grandchildren Have Great-Grandchildren? 
And fine, I'm ranting, but you gotta admit, those promotion tactics are helluva annoying. I mean the tactics, not the staff, because I'm pretty sure they don't loveeeeee cornering, ganging up, and uttering torrents and torrents of numbers and act like cats fighting for fish.
I just spent $200 buying a package, and all because I wanted to SHUT THEM UP. Like buying my way out of prison LOLOLOL.

They never, never take no for an answer
and will continue talking the shit out of themselves until the customer gives in. Or screams STFU and stomps away, hopeful…

My Wedding, and thoughts on getting older

Got your attention, didn't I? :D Anyway, I took this photo just a few steps from where I saw the 'moth'.

We're all getting older. Especially me. As you can see from this. Salonpas. Miracle cure for aches and pains HAHA. It's a sticker thing with medicated oil. You paste in on wherever you're hurting.  And I managed to get it stick to my hair.  Hurt like @#$% when I took it out!
I'm writing about weddings is because I've been seeing a lot of it on Facebook. Friends of friends, that is. They always have.... so many guests. I don't know how everyone can have at last 300 guests, because I know I could never do that. Why, I'm so... anti-social, even 30 (from my side) would be a problem. Unless I invite my grandmother's auntie's sister-in-law's godmother's mother's cousin's grandaunt's mother too.

And wouldn't it be embarrassing, if I had 20 guests, and my husband's got the 'normal' 200 guests? But then aga…

Finally. .An Update!

Hi y'all! I know I haven't been posting for quite some time, but school's keeping me busy! Never-endng assignments, and exams are around the corner! I know I know.. boringgg life! But I'm trying to change that so just you wait! *air of mystery* And here's a little something so that you won't miss me too much hahaha. Nothing much, just a few frames I extracted from another video I did. It's only 13 seconds so please watch it. HAHA.  If you aren't from Singapore, I hope you have fun trying to figure out what I'm saying! :D
Here're some snapshots I got! I'm very very proud of this HAHAHA because nobody ever notices me and my friend says I'm FOREVER NICE. Okay I'll give myself some applause hahahahaha *self entertainment* Breakfast!!! And the egg's just for show because I don't usually eat eggs. Poser-ish, I know. Don't you think eggs emit fart smells sometimes? But they sure make nice visuals! And this one. OMG. I got a TERRIBLE…


Some of you have heard me complaining about my veryyy niceeee neighbours. A few months back, I mean, Now I hardly notice the noise they make anymore.
You know, the ones who play musical chairs in the middle of the night?
Or feel the incessant need to shift their furniture around, almost every single day?

Or are trying to break the World Record by having the most number of thumbtacks hammered on the floor?

Or training to be the next Usain Bolt. Though it'd be difficlt because of space constraints - flats in Singapore aren't that humongous, you know?

Oh at least nobody plays with marbles. But marbles ok la. Because it means little kids are playing and they are so cute so I can shut one eye :D

I'm attuned to the noise enough to ignore it most of the time, but OMG YESTERDAY... THEY REALLY DID IT.




You're gonna go 'WTF', I know.

But it ws traumatising HAHAHA

But I'm you have or WILL experience something like that.


You probably want to slap me after this

But then again, we're getting older and I wouldn't dare do silly poses like that in a couple of years!
But here's what (oh look I found a mode which gets a good shot under low light!) REALLY wants to make me slap someone. People who pose with alcoholic drinks for the sake of posing with alcholic drinks. And write captions like 'I LOVE PARTYING'. 'WE ALL DRANK VERY *insert ridiculous which I cannot mention or they will know I am talking about them*". Haha. Oh I'm sorry, but does drinking make you a cool cat? Sorry la maybe I old liao. Want to ask me go club is like asking me to go die HAHA. Cannot sia me go one. And besides I don't drink because I wanna (imagine that I) get high. Because if you get 'high' on beer you must have drank enough to fill a million camels. So if you say you got 'high' on beer because you 'partied' too much, You are either a camel or just a poser. Most likely the latter. Ok and here's a pic of a …

Double eyelid surgery(HAHA) and somebody threw shit at me

Actually, I don't think somebody threw shit at me. Well, not exactly, anyway. I only wanted to catch your attention. Haha.

It's a complicated story. Or maybe it's only complicated because I'm not Enid Blyton (you know, brilliant and engaging storyteller).

So I had this really bad bout of eye problems on Friday, and on Tuesday (armed with wet wipes, and hand sanitiser, duh), I finally dragged myself to see a doctor. And also because I scared the shit outta myself when I Geh Kiang and Googled the symptoms.

I swear, Google is my BFF but sometimes I think we're Frenemies. The more I dig deeper... the more far-fetched things get. Like this meebo thing I saw on Instagram.

Oh here's a pic of my eyes if you're interested.

Sunday: Okay. More than one pic. Monday: "Double Eyelid Procedure" Day 4
I look like I just had cosmetic surgery to get double eyelids.Don't ask me why the swelling's at the bottom instead of the top now. I have no idea too! Ok but jok…

Can You Understand This?

Since I don't know what to write about (notice 10 days of absence) and  blog hits decreased drastically because of that, here's something. I'm going to write about anything that comes to my mind WITH MY EYES CLOSED.
Here it is, and I swear I changed nothing! Dear diary, actyually I don't know what to wrote abnyt. I have been thinking and thkning dor ages., and have come to no concluision. This is why I a, typing with mty eyes closed now. I can imahge ithe whole thing is jigberris niy O dn't want to cheat because ttat ios wrongggg. Opops i jst opened my eyes for a bit. I didn't do as badly as I thought! I;m listening to Marrom 4 on the radio now. Oh fosh. Adam Leabin os sooo HOYTTTTT. And you think there us a chance that I'll get rthis perfect? MAybe I should LEarn The Art of Fingering. Which sounds wrong. I think. Heh Heh. FIntering I mean you know, they right way , like er,m. when we larnt in Paimar s choool ;ike which finger whou;ld be on which key and that…

Photo of The Week - Suntec City is still open, people!

And first I think I should say I could have done it better, but I kept having this feeling that someone was gonna hit me on the back of my head and abduct me. Haha. So it was like FASTER SHOOT FASTER RUN! Here's a reflection of Suntec City.. poor retailers. Nobody wants to visit because of construction works. Well.. more like nobody knows the shops are still in operation (NOW YOU DO!)
I must have taken about 200 photos that day... but I'm just uploading 2... for now. Haha. Have  never seen Suntec City soooooo empty before! Most shopes are still open, btw! So you can visit and shop in peace! Hhaha. No more bag swishing, elbow brandishing people!

For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:

Photo of the Week - I was tiny!

I know you probably find it very very very very very hard to believe.... but I was once tiny! Tiny enough to get into this!! Without getting stuck! HAHAHA. And no I my silly camera cannot achieve the bokeh effect. I had to edit it la. #mafan

Oh here's what I'm into this week:
Making wishes at 11:11.
And I love Hello Kitty but I can never really bring myself to buy Hello Kitty Merchandise because they're so expensive.  Sometimes I print Hello Kitty Photos and stare at them instead of buying the actual soft toys. And If I get married I'd say something like 'if you love me you'd let me have a Hello Kitty themed wedding" Haha. Kidding.
Okay bye may I dream of Hello Kitty tonight.

For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:

[Sponsored Review] 2B Alternative

I've always joked about my face being a 100inch plasma TV, and my friends and family must already be tired of me complaining about my chunky thighs. Which are really gross, btw. So you can imagine my joy when 2B very nicely sent these over! I've seen them in Guardian (but i left the price list at my workplace), but I didn't dare to buy them coz they were kinda expensive.. and what if they didn't work?? My $$$$. But here's some hope! I'm told that the 2B For Face thins out chewing muscles, improving the jawline contour without the need for cosmetic surgery. Famous celebrities like Nancy Wu, beauty editors and bloggers have been raving about 2B Alternative's slimming products. The serum-like liquid is really clear, and you only need 2 drops! Glifes on easily, and there's no scent, no burning sensation, in case you're wondering! And my verdict? Actually, I think it does work, though the difference isn't significant enough to be seen on photos. But I&#…

"Please do this' vs 'Please kindly do this'

I don't understand.
Why do some people say "Please KINDLY do this" instead of a simple "Please do this?".

I don't know about you, but I don't feel particularly kind when someone asks me to 'Kindly' do something. Sometimes I feel meaner. If you ask me, 'Kindly' brings the authoritative factor up a notch. Make that many notches.Don't you think that word's a tad redundant? Think about it. If you omit 'kindly', it doesn't make a difference in your intended message! Unless you're trying to sound authoritative, that is. But most people don't la.

This word IS overused though. Sometimes even worst than LOL.

Imagine you're at home:
"MINMIN (that's my nickname at home) Please kindly fold your clothes!!
"I just mopped the floor! Please kindly be careful!"
"OMG I can't stand this advertisement! Pleasekindlypass the remote control to me!"

Or if you wanna make requests like:
Please kindly wash …

Photo of the Week - Colours of my Life

Colours. Just what I need in my life. What colour best describes your life? If you say 'RAINBOW',  I envy you.

Sometimes, I look at myself, and look at others. And then I wonder, where is my place in this world.  I wonder what I'm supposed to like, who I'm supposed to like, and what I'm supposed to be good at. Will I ever do something that will change the world? Or even make an impact on ANYONE's life. Honestly, at this age, I still have no idea. As I'm re-reading this, I noticed that I'm good at using 'I' in every sentence. Haha. Fat lot of good that makes. Help, somebody? For more photos I've taken over the year, click here:

I wonder why some people can be
1) Celebrities
2) Famous
3) Spies
4) Graceful
5) Good Looking
5) Charismatic
6) Always at the centre of attention
7) Everything I am not

Safra PK Challenge 2012- It's your time to shine

Do you love to sing? Or want a shot at stardom?

Here's a chance to have your very own Original Single, produced by professionals and get it played on National Radio and screened all around Singapore! The PK Challenge is back! With more than 500 participants coming togethe to pit their singing skills against each other in 2009, and 2011, you can be sure it's not just cheesy karaoke competition! People all serious one, okayyy. :D
If you win.. you'll be heard over NATIONAL RADIO and OOH Media Screens!
FYI, OOH means Out Of Home, means... SUPERRRR PUBLIC PLACES wooowhooo!!
A $500cash prize and gift hamper worth $1000+ could be yours! And of course, a Trophy for you to place somewhere so you can relive your moment of glory, every single day! Bet of all, registration is FREE!! So.. if you're 18 and above.. keep these dates in mind!  Ok here's a short video if you're lazy to read, ahaha

Contest Details
Online Audition : 1 Aug to 3 Sept
Qualifying Rounds: 8 Sept 2012 (City …