Friday, January 28, 2011

I miss..

I miss school.
I miss interacting people my own age.
I miss people who're on the same wavelength as I am.
I miss making friends with anyone I can be bothered to strike friendships with.
I miss talking genuine people with happy-go-lucky lifestyles.
I miss talking to people who I know have no ulterior motives.

And now, I'm in a school with other working adults.

I made a new friend around my age today. I never really noticed how nice it felt to make new friends, guess I used to take many things for granted. New friendships seem to come by in school environments, but why not in the coporate world?

You know, my two 1200-word assignments don't seem all that bad. I think I'll just stick to textbooks and not visit the library. Info overload might just make everything worse!


Something Random. Try it please?

I've been thinking...
When I type like this I can do it quite fast.
Whenitrytotypelikethislikewithoutspaces, I have to slow down quite a bit.
I would have thought less typing = less time.

Am I the only one?

Yours I-am-bored-and-I-should-really-hit-the-books-now,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mean Girls 2!

Remember all the hype with Mean Girls when we were mere.... KIDS?
Now..Lindsay Lohan is a total wreck. Rachel McAdams is a classy lady who gets rave reviews for her movies. And Amanda Segfried is a kick-ass singer/actress with an impressive resume.

Met the new Plastics.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Day Of School

Hello! I'm here after a nice bath! School ended at 9.45pm today, YAY.

What happened in school today.

1) I made a new friend
2) Got lost trying to find my classroom, but so did some other people, so we all got Lost and Found together!
3) One of my new classmates is my ex-classmate!

It really doesn't matter who I meet though. We get different classmates for every module, and there're so many students enrolled, there's hardly any chance that anyone would be in the same class more than once.
And surprise surprise... we had to do group discussions! I only heard from another girl from our little Lost And Found Club that he lecturer didn't plan any group discussions! Wasn't graded though, WHEWWWW. Farlin says every lecturer plans his/her classes differently, sooooo... UNFORTUNATELY, I got a lecturer who believes in project work.
Please please please please don't let us be graded on Project Work too much! It's the Bane of My Existence!

Farlin is soooo nice. She texted me to ask me how I was doing in school. Quite a feat for her, since you know... her memory... is...... HAHA.

Dear Diary.
I am feeling the pressure. The word count for assignments come in thousands, and there're SO MANY of them! I don't regret taking the maximum amount of credits though. Because I'll get to graduate sooner.

Core subjects are dumb. I don't see how I can apply socialogy and some Moral module to my daily life/future job. Can't wait to select electives!! :)

Miss Jumbly Blabberly Random Babble

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things to accomplish before school starts tomorrow

1) Sort out my million trillion photos, delete them from my computer, and back them up.
2) Check all my lottery tickets for the month of January
3) Create an excel spreadsheet for acadamic timetables, exam dates, and TMA deadlines.
4) Sort out personal admin stuff
5) Pack my bags. I only need 2 on my shelves, max. The rest can go into my drawers.

busy busy busy and i promise to be more organised in the future

School's Starting Officially Tomorrow, and I'm Egg-cited!

Because I'm a....

I'm a...

Mum and Dad are so cute. They even got me a new table to make more space for my school stuff!
Here's a pic! Sorry it's blur, my poor Camera is at the service centre, so I'm using my super old-school cell for this photo!

It doesn't look like much here but I think it's super pretty! The warm wood colour against the super-sweet pink paint! :)

I've collected most of my textbooks, and they're still nicely sealed =X
I really should start at least unwrapping them now, since school starts tomorrow! Gosh the assignment questions are already out, and I hope I'll be fine, since I haven't written essays since forever!

Now that school is starting (I'm working in the day, and going to school at night a couple times a week), it's time to make some Back-To-School-Cool-resolutions! I've never made any New Year Resolutions, so for me to wanna make some Back To School Resolutions is kinda a big thing! And I'm gonna write it down HERE so that I'll remember!

1) I will not spend time on Facebook clicking aimlessly on my friend's profiles and refreshing the newsfeed every 5 minutes.

2) I will start reading my stash of magazines and start honing my writing skills.

3) I will practice practice practice and get my writing chops back. I need to be one of the best in this aspect again, and it ain't gonng be easy because of my 5 year hiatus.
4) I. Will. Not. Procrastinate.
5) I will sleep by midnight on non-school days.
6) I will not let the obnoxious,lazy bitch get the better of me.

Gotta run, mummy's cooking spagetti!!! YUMMMY!
Little Miss Nerd!

Ignorant people = Taiwanese girls are from Thailand! HAHA

Can across this on my newsfeed. Rather amused.

Thais are from Thailand, and Taiwanese are from Taiwan. I don't need to be a geography ace to know that!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A short update

HELLOOOO. I know I haven't been really active lately!
Please don't give up on reading my blog!! I looveee all your comments, especially the one about being HAPPYYYY.

Erm I've been sleeping and sleeping because my wisdom teeth are giving me grief again. On antibiotics, and I'm gonna get rid of those little suckers once and for all by this year!! No use delaying it, and panicking when they act up in the middle of the night every 6 months or so!

Have a good week, people! I'm going to hit the hay. AGAIN.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The burden has been lifted!

For what seems like the longest time, I feel happy, relaxed, free.

Even people who I don't talk to often used to comment that I've been a vulgarity spewing bitch (in funny ways of course) ever since I started to _____________.

And now when ___________ stopped, people are starting to notice the change in me!
Ok no one really spelt it out so I was clueless but when Lala (I can't mention her real name or people will start to guess the reason and I can't afford to do tjhat that because my blog is public)  mentioned it like POWWWW, i was all "HEYYY YEAHHH HOR WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE?".

I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

And in case you didn't get it the first time,
I am over the moon.
I am on Cloud Nine.
I am Floating on Air.
I am in Seventh Heaven.
I think I might find the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow pretty soon.
I am so happy that I think I might burst.
My heart is singing.

You know, I probably shouldn't have mentioned this, because life works in funny ways. Something, somehow might come along and jinx this. You feel happy about something, and once you say it out loud, something dreadful comes your way to make things bad all over again. It's like SOMEONE doesn't want you to be happy.
Oh but screw it. At least I have something positive to read about next time. :D

So this is what liberation feels like.
And so, she proclaimed. We are rid of the evil in this world.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I hate TV shows with stupid endings

LIKE HELLO? Did I follow all 25 episodes for this? Did I really rush home for an ending like this?
So did the guy die, or die he not?

Even cliffhangers are better.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello again

Heyheyhey!! How has everyone been?
If anyone's looking at this now, I mean.

I gotta say I really love my followers. I like coming online and seeing something in the comment box. It's like unwrapping presents, and I know no one is ever gonna say anything mean. Sooooo nice to feel that some people actually care about my boring old random thoughts!!

I'm sorry I been commenting! Have been busy preparing for school. I promise I'm gonna read your blogs by this weekend and comment comment comment! You girls brightennnnn up my day so, so so so so much when you comment, so I'm gonna do the same!! :)

And soooooo much has been happening. I don't know why I'm so lazy. I might regret not logging my thoughts and funny things in life. :( AHHHH. Perhaps, I should buck up and start writing everything and anything down. And one day, when I'm an toothless old lady, I can look back and laugh!!

I went to the beach on the second day of the New Year! It's gonna be eons before I visit my used-to-be-second-home again. Till we meet again, I love you!! And you love me even though I don't wear makeup when I visit you!

It's been what.. 5 years since I laid my hands on textbooks! I pretty much only used my laptop for studies from 2006 to 2009! Kinda exciting teeeheee I'm a nerd!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


And we changed the bedsheets. My room smells really new now! :)

And maybe this year, the sky will turn pink just for me!