Got over that silly crush, it's about time!

Remember that last time you had a crush on someone?
The bubbly, giggly feeling whenever you saw his name pop up online?
When he says something oh-so-cute and then you mass text all your girlfriends?
When you dream about what to do or say when you bump into him?


I had the biggest CRUSSSSHHHH on someone but I'm glad to say that I am so over it.
I saw him in school (imagine I would have been a WRECK if I bumped into him a couple of months ago), and I was like : "Oh that's Mr Tall. Haha. Ok whatever. My exam's in 2 hours, I hope he doesn't see me because I can't entertain small talk today."

And yessss EXAMS are over! Liberation! From school at least! And hopefully I'll stop looking like this:

It's shopping/lazy/glutton time!! :)

Btw I got a new shirt. And hahahahaha yes I am in denial about my age :P



ishashime said…
wow, congrats on getting over that crush of yours. i'm unfortunately still stuck in the "i hopelessly like-like him" rut. haha.
poor you and your eyebags. get some sleep! haha. and i love that pretty hello kitty top! :D
Anonymous said…
Having a crush is a special sort of reminder that a person is still young and ignorant (in a good way). You should look forward to your next.

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