So this motivational speaker once said

The probabilty of us actually getting around to doing something increases when we announce it...
SOOOO... I'll announce that......
I WILL READ AND COMMENT YOUR BLOGS TOMORROW, since ya all have been such awesome people, following and commenting even when I haven't been doing the same for you!

Random Thought: I wanna go IKEA, NOW.


Twefrence said…
EVILL! I'm super hungry right now and you post pictures of food =O
Furree Katt said…
i missed you soooooooooo much ♥
ishashime said…
hey you! it's been so long! you were missed!
and ooh, ikea food! i always order the salmon and mashed potatoes. haha.
ShuShu said…
@twefrence hahahaha poor you! hope you aren't too hungry today! I'm ALWAYS hungry!!

@Furree AWWW missed you too! Though I do see you on facebook ahhahaa. BUt it's like we have different identities here and there, ya know? ;)

ishashime I remember youuuuu!! you never fail to comment on my posts, how very nice of you!! Oh the salmon here's only sold on some days, lucky you!!! IKEA RULESSS :P
Hamza Bin Ladin said…
This made me super hungry.

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