My very gigantic nose.

                                           HELLO. How's everyone? :)

I think it's time I dedicate a post to my nose (see blog title). I think I've made more jibes at my nose than the number of Chuck Norris jokes people have made. Shant't deceive you anymore, the truth's that my nose looks like THIS hahaha:

At least, I think so. But everyone else says I'm crazy. Trying to make me feel better, how sweet. And my nose really DOES take up a quarter of my face, and though this pic's an exaggeration.

In real life it's about the same size as Jackie Chan. Should I bore you with my almost daily daydreams of someone coming up to me and asking me to be a poster girl for a reality TV series for Plastic Surgery?

Guess not. Heh.


Fiona said…
There's nothing wrong with big noses. I think you're just being overly self-conscious about it. [:

And don't get plastic surgery. It'll hurt like a &#^@.
Furree Katt said…
i think you're absolutely beautiful! and i think i'm the one with the massive nose haha.
ishashime said…
is it bad that i laughed louder than i should've at the second picture? haha.
anyway, we all have our insecurities, and stuff we'd want to change about ourselves (i know i do) but then again, these things are what defines us, what makes us ourselves. we should be proud of every aspect of our beings, whether we deem it good or bad. :D
Kuroneko said…
I totally get you :(

I don't even let my friends take random photos of me (my NOSE).

It totally sucks :(
Twefrence said…
I think everyone has a problem with our own faces =P We see lots of faults and stuff on it... I do too =P
Fatimaa.S said…
Your nose is JUST FINE. You haven't seen mine yet. It's likee..both my nostrils have a difference of about 2 km =P
ShuShu said…
Sometimes I feel like there's EVERYTHING wrong about big nose, especially mine. haha. And thanks :)

@Furree omg you are soooooo nice! And no! your nose is cute!! Masive is a funny word to use hahaha

ishashime: Oh my nose does look somewhat like that :P You sure have a way with words, I'll remember that!!

Kuroneko: I'm sure your nose doesn;t suck! :) And i get it about the photo thing. Espcially when they post the pics online!

That's true!!!

OH HI!!OMG NOOO! You're so pretty, and I know how your nose looks like actually! Totally UN-massive, and sharp too!! haha
Anonymous said…
Shame, you look sooo sad in the second pic... my heart broke for you :(
Anonymous said…
whoops!! i meant 3rd pic... the last one!! hahaha :) blond me :)
Chika said…
Lol... if your nose is gigantic, I really wonder what mine is - as I'm sure you've seen mine when passing through my blog to leave that comment underneath my post about 'Hana Kimi'. (Thank you by the way. I really appreciated it.) Lol, you're too funny. I feel everyone's nose was made to fit their face, and if your nose perhaps looked any different you wouldn't be you?

You are a very pretty girl, and I'm not just saying by the way ^_^

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