10 Super Random Facts about Shu Rin

Before I start, check out these new glasses. Teehee. Say Hello to Miss Nerd! I'm thinking that I should have gotten LARGER ones just for fun hahaha. And you can actually just read the words in blue. The rest are just senseless blabber :P

1) I am afraid of balls. Like Super Duper.
And I expect you to be mature about this ahahha. Pervssss :P Balls, like basketballs, netballs, football. I LOATHED P.E. classes with extreme vengence. I mean, why are some people so strong? How do they even shoot? By magic or something? My ball never even gets halfway up the pole. I must be the most klutzy, uncoordinated and ungraceful girl in the world UNIVERSE GALAXY. Why do balls fly so high, and why do they seem to have a magnectic attraction to my face? ? I always ran AWAY from the ball ahhaha. And the OPPONENTS even GIVE me the ball (gently of course) so that I wouldn't get into trouble with the teacher for not participating. It's lucky how sporting abilities aren't a factor in popularity. Or I'd have been a sad old loner in school. Nah kidding. That only happens on TV and in books right? We don't have cliques social pariahs or whateveryoucallthem where I live. The popular ones are those who are nice AND friendly, bonus if you're funny, and not all of them look like supermodels.

2) While reading a book, I can't help but to read the first chapter, then the last, then in between.
Can't help it. It's a natural reflex, like how I'm the first one to dive in when I see junk food. It's bad, really. Spoils all the fun. But it's either that or I get bothered by the 'should I.... should I not..." with every turn of the page. And then turning to the last chapter, and then thinking the better of it, feel guilty, slam the book shut, lose the page I was initially at, and ......in a nutshell, wasting a whole lot of time.

3) I paste a Post-It Note on my webcam. I mean hey... what if those rumours of people spying on you through the webcam is true? Like schools are said to spy on students, or how serial killers pose as telco/Comm services to activate access to your computer from a remote location.... I'd need to find some place to bury myself if any video of me singing along to the Beatles or my pathetic attempts at imitating some rockstar drummer.

4) Sometimes I fantasise about being a superstar
 But then again, I have two left feet, probably the worst coordinated person in the world, and there are MANY notes I can't hit. PLUS I am not really a people person. What am I going to say to Ellen Degeres when I get on her show? Boring. Banal. Bland. These super 'aweomeeee" qualities of mine would SHINE oh SHINE like the sun when I'm with her, and before you know it, POP goes the Once Upon A Split-Second Superstar.

5) I got a thing for nerds.
My friends realised that wayyyyy before I did.  Nerds are kinda cute, don't you think?  So much sweeter than those Alpha Male types. I never liked guys who hit the clubs too much too, though 90% of my friends are regulars. (OH YES AND THEY STILL LOVE ME).

6) One time, I typed 'wank' (embarrassing shit) into my laptop's dictionary and my whole class saw it when I used the dictionary again the next day during a presentation

I blame that on T. Haha. Seriously. I mean, who, at midnight, would tell an oh-so-innocent girl like me: "Bye I'm signing out I need to go wank, cya tmr". Of COURSE I HAD to find out what that meant! Okay the next day, I had to check a word and to my utmost horrorrrr.... the word I last typed in, WANK, FLASHED across the screeen. And then I shrieked and my hand flew to my mouth and that won even more laughs because I have a name for screaming and jumping at almost anything. Teacher just happened to look away, thank goodness. I wonder what's more embarrassing. The fact that I didn't know what that meant, or that a crude word was flashed on the screen.

7) Sometimes I wonder why people keep saying FB when they mean Facebook. Because in Craiglist, FB means Fuck Buddy.
Not that i frequent Craiglist, IS THAT WHAT YOU WERE THINKING? :D I just had a quick browse-through. Oh okay okay. I might have posted some text on the personal page and I might have received a few hundred replies. You know I like social experiments. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't reply any of them. Would have been fun to mess with their heads though, heh. And now I walk around, looking at regular looking office executives and thinking what kind of fantasies they have. Some are rather...unique, I gotta say. So before you say "Oh hey that's my FB friend", so think twice. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not that only one with a twisted mind, heh heh heh.

8) There was a year had like 3 friends in school because I didn't want to be noticed.
I was 14 at that awkward stage in life. The curvature of my spine hit a WHOPPING 60plus degrees and I stoped bothering to talk to anyone and pretty soon people just got tired of trying to get me  out of my shell. Then I had corrective spine surgery at the end of the year and I realised how much one's appearance can affect one's attitude towards life, which can in turn affect her life. And that people didn't actually care that I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dam. Life after that.. was good.

9) I hit Backspace wayyyy too much and I almost got a heart attack because i got redirected and hahaha luckyyyy me shouda guess Blogger saves our drafts every few seconds.
EWWWW when that happens elsewhere though. I grit my teeth, glare at the computer, clench my fists, then stop and remember that the fault was mine and no way I was gonna punch myself. Nah kidding. I usually just utter a swear word. Tough luck when my parents are within earshot though, hahaha.

10) These days, even my boss  laughs when mention the word "diet" in relation to myself
And you got that right. A glutton like me? Diet's never started. Maybe tomorrow. Or next year. My parents and sister stand strongly on the belief that my Tomorrow Never Comes. But oh well. Someone might find a fuss-free way to blast away unsightly fat tomorrow. Cross my fingers!!!

Should I make the font smaller? To something like this.I know it's different for every computer, but please let me know :)

And I just wasted my weekend away. And sometimes I think I'm wasting my LIFE away. I should start to re-evaluate how I live my life!!


Nice rims!
I initially thought you accidentally typed the "need to go wank" bit when you meant "walk". I actually had to read it over a few times in order to understand what really happened.

Funniest thing I've read all day, and I love that your classmates caught the wank on your screen, hahaha!

Your font may seem a little on the big side on my screen, but it would be harder to read the smaller font.
As long as you keep using like breaks to form separate paragraphs - unlike some people - then all should be cool!
A font with serifs would be a plus though!
ishashime said…
i am so pervy that i laughed at fact number one. haha. and yeah, i've always been curious about the people being able to spy on you through your webcam thing. dreaming about being a superstar and liking nerds? hello! *raises hand* also, the wank thing was hilarious! xD

i think the font you use currently is okay for me and the smaller font is okay, too. :P
Furree Katt said…
i like your glasses, i think they suit you ♥

i did laugh at 1) just by reading the title. :P and i think it's really cool that the popular people are the nice ones, wish it was like that over here instead of everything being about good looks and money.
i can NEVER EVER get the guts to open the last page of a book i'm reading for fear of spoiling the ending before time. :O
i fantasize about being a youtube star ahaha :P
NERDS ARE CUTE I LOVE NERDS ♥ i used to crush on a lot of nerds.
i LOL-ed at the 'wank' bit! that must have been crazily embarrassing lololol.
and sometimes i swear within earshot of my parents. i can't help it, it usually happens when i'm in the middle of writing a blog post/watching a cool video and the power goes off. :(

i like your current font! but i can read the smaller one, too :)
PurpleMist. said…
Hahaha, afraid of balls :P I'm not very good at P.E either, I guess it comes with being clumsy.

Ahhh I know how you feel about reading the last chapter before the middle. I get tempted too BUT I stop myself from doing that, cause it just ruins the whole suspense :P I do, however, like the read the last few sentences of the novel, but usually they don't make sense until I read the rest of the chapters.

Hahahaha 3) and 6) are so funny!! :D

Oh and the font is fine :)

Loved this post,, following!
Twefrence said…
Haha, I'm super scared of balls too... Esp basketballs since I too can never get it into the ring and the fact it bounces and might hit my head. I have a bad memory of footballs too... lets just say my head had a big bump...
I'm the least sporty person you can find... ok maybe not but still.
OH my gosh, I do that too!
Or I just go online and read the entire summary =P
My friends always tell me not to =P (bcz I have a tendency to spoil it for THEM too =p)
ah... my webcam lights up when it's "activated" so no worries...
heh.. everyone has their inner superstar =D
mm.. yeah I dig "cute" nerds too =D =P (Charlie Mcdonnell is MINE =P)
oh gosh.. that must have been REALLY embarrassing... in class even =P
woahh.. no idea fb meant THAT too =P Sometimes I'm just too lazy to type the FULL name you know?
There's this "diet" I'm goin on right now... it may not help you lose TONS of weight in a few days but more like a gradual thing. AND you can still eat =D
Just no carbohydrates for dinner and you gota eat the proteins (meat) before vege... tis all =D
It works =D
oh and it doesn't hurt to exercise too =P
Anonymous said…
I think you mixed up galaxy and universe, universe is the bigger of the two. =P
Your glasses are cute and you are cute too.

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