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10 Super Random Facts about Shu Rin

Before I start, check out these new glasses. Teehee. Say Hello to Miss Nerd! I'm thinking that I should have gotten LARGER ones just for fun hahaha. And you can actually just read the words in blue. The rest are just senseless blabber :P
1) I am afraid of balls. Like Super Duper.
And I expect you to be mature about this ahahha. Pervssss :P Balls, like basketballs, netballs, football. I LOATHED P.E. classes with extreme vengence. I mean, why are some people so strong? How do they even shoot? By magic or something? My ball never even gets halfway up the pole. I must be the most klutzy, uncoordinated and ungraceful girl in the worldUNIVERSE GALAXY. Why do balls fly so high, and why do they seem to have a magnectic attraction to my face? ? I always ran AWAY from the ball ahhaha. And the OPPONENTS even GIVE me the ball (gently of course) so that I wouldn't get into trouble with the teacher for not participating. It's lucky how sporting abilities aren't a factor in popularity.…

My very gigantic nose.

HELLO. How's everyone? :)

I think it's time I dedicate a post to my nose (see blog title). I think I've made more jibes at my nose than the number of Chuck Norris jokes people have made. Shant't deceive you anymore, the truth's that my nose looks like THIS hahaha:

At least, I think so. But everyone else says I'm crazy. Trying to make me feel better, how sweet. And my nose really DOES take up a quarter of my face, and though this pic's an exaggeration.
In real life it's about the same size as Jackie Chan. Should I bore you with my almost daily daydreams of someone coming up to me and asking me to be a poster girl for a reality TV series for Plastic Surgery?

Guess not. Heh.

Dear Friend from Cincinnati, Ohio

Your blog is unavailable!! :(
Or maybe you disabled it. Can you please please please send me an email or something about your blog link pleaseee?

And my window is full of tabs ahhahahaa.

So this motivational speaker once said

The probabilty of us actually getting around to doing something increases when we announce it...
SOOOO... I'll announce that......
I WILL READ AND COMMENT YOUR BLOGS TOMORROW, since ya all have been such awesome people, following and commenting even when I haven't been doing the same for you!

Random Thought: I wanna go IKEA, NOW.