When your mum invites people to your house without warning

And you look like THIS.
(Ok SOMETHING like this. I can't put there real one online our you'll be in therapy for the rest of your lives. 

I could look worse, you know. Anyway, on Sunday,  my mum was out with some relatives, and, to my ABSOLUTE MORTIFICATION she called out of the blue and was like : " Hey we're downstairs now, gonna come up! Tell your sister!"

My expression was kinda like this ahahaha:

I don't know if I would have preferred to look like this:

Or this:

I usually look like a mess at home, more than I usually do. :D
So I was running around like a headless chicken. You know, to hide stuff, like our prized DVDs and storybooks so that in case someone says;"OH HEY I LIKE THAT".

My mum is a very obliging and magnanimous lady.

Well but I couldn't be looking like a horrible monster in front of people I only see once every few years, I left the Hiding of Treasure to my sister. And I went to comb my hair, apply a little lip balm, change into a shirt which didn't look like I've worn it for more than a decade and on the verge of falling apart... in an ATTEMPT to make myself look a litttttleeee bit better.

All for that 10 seconds of Hello How Are You I Am Fine I Hope You Are Too .... and SMILEEEE.


Smokey_Cat said…
Oh God. I hate it when that happens!
ShuShu said…
Hi Smokey_Cat, I KNOWWW! My mum called when she was downstairs and she was all 'Hey I'm up with so-and-so now, just telling ya in advance". :o

Then I was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and running around trying to make myself AND the place look a LITTLEEEEE better!
Kuroneko said…
Hahahahaha :D
I always lock my room and say I'm getting ready. :D Works

Thanks for following my blog :)
ShuShu said…
No problem! :D

I don't know if it;s an Asian thing or something, but i HAVE to greet the elders! :(

Thanks for following back!
Furree Katt said…
i hate when that happens! i'm always an ugly mess when i'm at home.
this just happened with me a few days ago, i pretended i was taking a shower :P too bad they stayed for like TWO HOURS!
ShuShu said…
OHHH Furree I don't believe you! :P
I don't think you'll ever, ever look ugly!! haha.

OHMAN 2 hours? That would have sucked if those who were visiting were gossipy auntie who want to talk about YOU. And your job. Or grades. Or love life. Youknowwww. ahha
ShuShu said…
ahhhhaaa. they're supposed to be ugly! :P
ShuShu said…
oops I forgot to add. The first picture's uber uglyyy, i mean. But in a funny way!
Fatimaa.S said…
Oh my gosh,that's the most annoying thing ever. I hate it. I never get dressed at home. I roam around in my PJs or whatever the whole day.
P.s thanks for following my blog! :D
Tazeen said…
Hahahahah! I used to do that when I was little! :D
Fiona said…
Hi, I like your blog too. =]
And when I'm at home, I'm ALWAYS a complete mess ahaha.
mayen said…
hi shushu, thanks for the awesome comment on my blog and thanks for following.I followed you back. I hope to get to know you more.

I also don't like surprise visitors at home. Like you, I'm usually a mess at home. Wearing the oldest pair of shorts and shirt i got.hehe.. have nice day!
ShuShu said…
@Fatimaa OHH I KNOWWW the whole point of being at home is to be able to dress and look like a freak and not care, riiight!! And people just have to appear out o f nowhere to invade privacy! :) No problem, Thanks for following my blog too!!

@Tazeen it's cute when kids do that but when we're all grown up... OOOOMMMMMG. haha :D

@Fiona Awwww thank you!! :) I know! I think I look the worst of the worst when I;m at home!

@Mayen I just replied to your email :) Thanks for the follow back! Oldest clothes are the most comfy ;P

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