People who reply to a question with another question

What are your thoughts on them?
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Heather Frost said…
Me too girl, me too! I have like little to no patience (which I'm trying to work on) so when I ask something obv. I want an answer not another question so I get angry SOO quick when that happens.
Ash said…
It's pretty much as annoying as when someone replies with a one-word text message...
Furree Katt said…
HAHA UGH! me hates it.
mayen said…
dumb! lol seriously answering a question to a question is just stupid. Anyway thanks for putting up with me on that following thingy. I appreciate it. Have great day!
Twefrence said…
haha I know! Don't give me a whole big essay or another comeback question abt my original question.
Though now I think of it, I think I reply questions like this to annoy ppl sometimes =P
ShuShu said…
@Heather: Yesss it's super frustrating! I'm glad you understand! We should tell them; ERMMM please get to the point, hello? :)

Ash: OH I KNOW. When I type a 5 liner and all I get is 'k'... I go ahshjahjhdjhseie :D

Furree: Great Minds Think Alike <3

Mayen: Hey no problem at all! Thank you for commenting yet again, looking forward to read more from you!

Twefrence: Oh then that;s no issue. We should always try to annoy annoying people! :P
ishashime said…
i don't know, what do you think?

haha. kidding. yeah. people like that are pretty annoying. :|
ishashime said…
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