Hello, you from Dehli, thank you for visiting my blog

So you like to Google ":girl and girl shushu touch picture or photo." because I have seen you twice today. I know what you mean, but you probably won't get much results from this ahahaha.
Sorry for the disappointment!
I could tell you what to type, but that wouldn't be good for the kids reading my blog, would it? :P

Sorry people! I won't be on much these days! Exam Blues. hope you understand! :)


Heather Frost said…
Lol girl and girl... what? How do you see who looks for you through google?
ShuShu said…
I'm pretty sure I know what he/she means. He/she will probably never get tosee what he/she wants (its tiring to type he/she hahaha)

Anyway, you can see that if you use this: http://feedjit.com/?utm_source=ltf&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=ltfCampaign

It's like a live feed, you can scroll down to have a look at mine :)
reverieriver said…
Whoa! I promise you that visitor from Delhi is NOT me!
Heather Frost said…
Lol oh I get it, kind of! Thanks for the live feed link! I think I added it to my profile but idk if it's going to work ehh! haha
Aabi said…
Ohmygosh. what creeps is this world filled with :l good luck with the exams, mine are going on too. :l bleh.
mayen said…
lol.. that was funny yet creepy. Anyway, good luck on your exam!
ishashime said…
whuut. oh my. haha. xD
aakash said…
I still didn't get the post :|

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